WWE 24 – The Best Of 2020 DVD Review

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WWE 24

Running Time: 337 Minutes
Certificate: 12
Number Of Discs: 2
Studio: Fremantle Home Entertainment
Released: January 11 2021

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The first WWE DVD to reach fans in 2021 reflects on 2020 in the form of a WWE 24 compilation. The words “Best Of 2020” sound like a darkly comical joke at this point. Regardless, for the third straight year, we get four editions of the WWE 24 documentary series. And is often the case, they’re all insightful, though they provide a range of emotions.

Kicking us off is Edge – The Second Mountain. The premise is that we’re capturing the Rated R Superstar as he enjoys his retirement. But somewhere along the way, he asks himself the question “what if?” And from there it’s about the former 11-time World Champion battling towards him making a triumphant return to the ring. Cue his unforgettable (I want to say “surprise” but many people leaked it) comeback at Royal Rumble 2020. I’m not sure if I completely buy that the cameras just happened to be there as he changed course. But the doc itself is very good, and the man behind the character, Adam Copeland, is thoroughly likeable and relatable. You can’t help but root for him, especially given that his career was brought to an abrupt end in the first place after a neck injury.

R-Truth provides something refreshing. It’s a spotlight on a long-tenured WWE performer who is incredibly entertaining in almost every scenario he finds himself in. As this feature shows, it wasn’t all smiles and dances for Truth as he grew up. But once he made it in the wrestling business, he forged himself a unique career that will always be remembered. And just when fans began to believe that they’d seen the best of Truth, he altered his perception entirely. So much so that he provides must-see television more often than 80% of the WWE roster. This is a cool glimpse into a story that is rarely told, and there is plenty to enjoy as we reflect on his time in wrestling.

WrestleMania: The Show Must Go On is the feature that I enjoyed the least. But that’s only because we’re still currently living through the frightening Covid-19 pandemic that has brought about unprecedented disruption and upset throughout the world. In years to come, maybe this documentary will act as a fascinating time capsule of the world as we presently know it. Regardless, though, it does effectively cover how WM 36 changed drastically, and though it’s unavoidable that the two-night event didn’t really feel like a normal WrestleMania, it did put smiles on faces at a time when they were desperately needed. As a side-note, it’s interesting that the WWE 24 doc for WrestleMania 35 wasn’t included (bear in mind that previous WWE 24 DVDs covered the Manias from the prior year), especially since that was held in “normal” times.

Finally, we come to Drew McIntyre: The Chosen One. McIntyre’s rise up the ranks, along with his WWE firing and inspiring comeback, is one of the more intriguing tales of the past decade. A presumed greenhorn with little to offer but potential, his time away from the company saw him completely revamp his personality and skill-set. Upon his return, many fans would deem as a future World Champion. But even this didn’t prepare people for him winning the Royal Rumble as a babyface and becoming WWE Champion at WrestleMania. Even fewer envisioned the bizarre circumstances surrounding his big moment.

Drew is also a likeable chap, and this is a very compelling tale which proves that second chances are possible. Incidentally, McIntyre remains in the main event scene almost a year on, and he’s currently WWE Champion for the second time. Here’s hoping that he sticks around and holds the top title long enough for fans to give him the adulation he deserves when they finally return to arenas.

On the whole, then, this is probably the strongest WWE 24 collection to date. Each feature has something to offer that stands out from its brethren. You have the returning legend, the everlasting mid-carder, the totally-crazy WrestleMania situation and the rebirth of a modern superstar. I still say its value diminishes by the knowledge that they’re all on the WWE Network. But if you’ve yet to see these four documentaries, I would definitely suggest checking this DVD out.

Overall Rating: 8/10 – Very Good