Movie Review: A Fall From Grace starring Crystal R. Fox

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A Fall From Grace

Production Companies:  Tyler Perry Studios and Netflix
Director:  Tyler Perry
Producers:  Tyler Perry
Scriptwriters:  Tyler Perry
Main Cast:    Mehcad Brooks, Cicely Tyson, Crystal R. Fox, Bresha Webb, Matthew Law, and Tyler Perry
Release Date:  January 17 2020
Running Time:   120 Minutes
Certificate: 15

‘A Fall From Grace’ added to Netflix at the beginning of 2020 has certainly received a range of negative criticism. Evidently, after taking the time to watch the film myself, it’s clear to see why.   


To begin with, A Fall From Grace, written by Tyler Perry and supported by Netflix promises a thriller in a small town of Virginia.

After her ex-husband starts his new life by marrying his mistress, Grace (Crystal R. Fox) begins her new life by falling in love. However, this soon turns dangerous. After being accused of murdering her new husband Shannon, (Mehcad Brooks) Grace can only rely on her rookie lawyer to try and defend her. After confessing to the crime, this should have been a simple plead a guilty case. Undoubtedly, after discussing the facts of the case, the lawyer realizes this is not as simple as the case first looks.

Next, the film takes a sole focus on the ‘sensational’ court case, with multiple flashbacks to the night of the murder. It’s revealed that after Grace pushed Shannon down the stairs, she fled to her best friend, Sarah. However, Sarah attempts to cover up Shannon’s death, but after returning to the property, his body has gone. As a result, Jasmine, Grace’s lawyer, visits Sarah’s work to establish a witness statement. In doing so, she finds that with Sarah’s care occupation, she has been kidnapping elderly women. She later finds that Shannon is alive also hiding out in the basement. The plot reveals that this is another series of cons and that Shannon and Sarah are related. The pair work together to ‘swindle’ and take the identities of their victims. Grace is one of them. They were waiting for Grace’s conviction to strike again.

The film ends with Jasmine being rescued by her husband. This results in Shannon being shot, and he’s actually dead this time. In the end, Grace was released from prison and reunited with her son.


Firstly, A Fall From Grace didn’t live up to its premise. In fact, it was far from a graceful production. If you couldn’t tell from the synopsis, the plot was incredibly confusing. The script is horribly written, to a point where I almost gave up on the film. I really can not stress this enough, do not waste your time with this film.

The set design was incredibly poor. Clearly, this was all filmed on a base, rather than the actual locations. I think the movie would have benefited from filming in specific locations. Especially in a courtroom. Netflix pitch this film to have a ‘sensational’ court case, however, it has lack of inspiration. Alongside this, a lack of research into how a courtroom should operate also adds to the cringe-worthy aspects. This alone lets the sole focus of the film become a disappointment.

Thirdly, the plot of the film. I can see where Perry was going with it. However, after researching and finding out that this film was recorded and finished in five days, it justifies why this plot isn’t as well-rounded as his others. Thoroughly disappointing, not up to the standard of Tyler Perry’s work.  

Considering this was the film that was presented for Netflix, it has surprised me that the film was not as well-polished. A truly unsatisfying start to Perry’s 2020 career.


Unless you’re willing to waste two hours of your time, do not bother with the film A Fall From Grace. A lack of time and finesse has determined this films failure. Advertised as a thriller, this film had real potential. But alongside the lack of enthusiasm from veteran and new actors matched with poor setting, I would not recommend this film.


Target Audience: 15
Content: Sexual threat, violence, and nudity
Recommendation?: No

Overall Rating: 2.5/10 – Bad

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