Woke Announcement – Playhouse Theatre, Liverpool

Image Source: Playhouse Theatre

Show: Woke
Location: Playhouse Theatre, Liverpool
Dates: Thursday June 24-Saturday June 26 2021
Time: 19.30
Running Time: 60 Minutes
Age Rating: 14+
Performers: Apphia Campbell & Meredith Yarbrough
Production Company: Apphia Campbell & Meredith Yarbrough
Writers: Apphia Campbell & Meredith Yarbrough

We welcome the announcement of Woke coming to Liverpool‘s Playhouse Theatre. The show comes to Liverpool from Thursday June 24 to Saturday June 26 2021. And tickets are now available for this exciting show. Now, this will be the first theatre show of 2021 at the Playhouse Theatre. So, let’s take a look at Woke!



Two women are joining in the civil rights struggle 42 years apart. Indeed, the creator of Black Is The Color Of My Voice now explains about African American life in the 20th century. So, the show boasts a strong soundtrack combining original music with traditional gospel and blues. And two women experience the civil rights struggle 42 years apart from one another. Now, one is Assata Shakur, a notorious Black Panther whose tale comes from 1972. Meanwhile, Ambrosia offers her view of the 2014 Ferguson riots while studying university. Yet both stand up to the American justice system, with criminal charges due to their political activism. And they must decide whether to stay and fight or whether to flee. You must check out this award-winning show, especially given that the topics remain prevalent in American society today.


Both Apphia Campbell and Meredith Yarbrough not only star in the show, but they bring the story to life creatively too. Now, this not only demonstrates their versatile skill-sets, but it also enhances the authenticity of this particular show. Indeed, it’s a heartfelt and honest look at what the civil rights struggle truly involves. And that makes this already compelling show even more must-see.


Liverpool’s Playhouse Theatre is one of the most popular entertainment venues in the whole city. Now, its circular entranceway is instantly recognisable and perfectly central within Williamson Square. But it’s more notable for its diverse offering of shows covering stand-up comedy, serious drama and children’s fun. Not to mention that it’s a great location to allow theatre-goers to enjoy the shops, bars and restaurants in the surrounding city centre. So, if you wish to see a theatre show in Liverpool, we strongly recommend that you pop by to the Playhouse Theatre.


Thursday June 24-Saturday June 26 2021: Playhouse Theatre, Liverpool
Monday June 28-Wednesday June 30 2021: Rose Theatre, London

Future dates and locations are awaiting confirmation.

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Woke comes to the Playhouse Theatre from Thursday June 24 to Saturday June 26 2021. So, to purchase tickets, please click here.

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