Good Grief Announcement – Unity Theatre, Liverpool

Good Grief
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Show: Good Grief
Location: Unity Theatre, Liverpool
Dates: Thursday July 8-Saturday July 10 2021
Time: 19.30
Running Time: 90 Minutes
Age Rating: 16+
Performers: Adam Baker, Angelina Cliff, Canice Ward, Grace Gallagher & Jessica Huckerby
Production Company: Ugly Bucket
Writers: Rachael Smart & Grace Gallagher
Directors: Rachael Smart & Grace Gallagher

We welcome the announcement of Good Grief coming to Liverpool‘s Unity Theatre. The show comes to Liverpool from Thursday July 8 to Saturday July 10 2021. And tickets are now available for this intriguing show. Now, this will be an emotional theatre show for audiences to see at the Unity Theatre. So, let’s take a look at Good Grief!

Good Grief


It would be the wish of a dying man for Ugly Bucket to create a show spotlighting death. But will it be subtle or profound? Well, probably not. However, it is – quite literally – his funeral. Indeed, Ugly Bucket manage to process the death of a friend in the only way that they know how. And that’s through a high-energy maelstrom of clowning around, slapstick comedy, verbatim lines and thumping techno tracks. Furthermore, this is a paranormal physical performance about loss and about the memories we leave behind. And the show is dedicated to the late Tim Miles.

We must mention that this show covers grief with personal accounts of bereavement. Therefore, each story is treated with love and respect. As a result, Ugly Bucket wishes to spark healthy and open discussions on grief and to assist with those facing isolation. Please contact Care Merseyside or the NHS website for advice on the charities that can assist those suffering from bereavement.


Ugly Bucket often merge comedy, music and physical movement in their award-winning shows. Amongst these are Bost-Uni Plues and 2 Clowns 1 Cup, with both being sell-outs at the Edinburgh Fringe.


This show has a team brimming with talent and versatility. So, they include Adam Baker, Angelina Cliff, Canice Ward, Grace Gallagher and Jessica Huckerby.


The Unity Theatre is an intimate and quirky venue. Indeed, it has a special place on Liverpool’s theatre scene. And this reflects in its offering of exciting, thought-provoking and unorthodox shows. Furthermore, the stage is extremely close to the audience, meaning that attendees often have close eye contact with the stars. And that can make for some interesting experiences, as well as allowing crowds to immerse themselves fully into the experience. So, if you’re looking for something fresh and different, we recommend that you stop by at Unity Theatre.


Thursday July 8-Saturday July 10 2021: Unity Theatre, Liverpool

Future dates and locations are awaiting confirmation.

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Good Grief comes to Unity Theatre from Thursday July 8 to Saturday July 10 2021. So, to purchase tickets, please click here.

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