Stayin’ Alive Announcement – Unity Theatre, Liverpool

Stayin' Alive
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Show: Stayin’ Alive
Location: Unity Theatre, Liverpool
Date: Saturday September 18 2021
Time: 19.00
Running Time: 90 Minutes
Age Rating: 18+
Performers: Cast members TBC
Writer: Victoria Oxley

We welcome the announcement of Stayin’ Alive coming to Liverpool‘s Unity Theatre. The show comes to Liverpool on Saturday September 18 2021. And tickets are now available for this intriguing show. Now, this will be the third of the Up Next theatre show series at the Unity Theatre. So, let’s take a look at Stayin’ Alive!

Stayin’ Alive


Up Next is a new event series that showcases brand new work from local performers. Indeed, during one evening, you could experience a double bill of shows. And they cover both spaces while offering a premiere to new stories covering the city of Liverpool.

This show comes courtesy of Victoria Oxley.

And it’s a dark comedy within an absurd heightened reality – a café in Liverpool! So, Mandy and Shannon’s day gets off to a pretty rocky start, and it never gets back on track. But all they want to do is clean up this mess that they’re in. But life just keeps serving them up new problems along the way. Furthermore, this show was originally written as part of 2018’s Everyman Writers Programme.

And following the success of her previous show Heaven Or Pussy, she now presents this new music-themed comedy Stayin’ Alive. So, the show draws on the rawness of scouse charm, humour and grit. And it tells the story of Maggie as she tackles her mental health problems. Not to mention the loss of her Grandmother. Now, the basis is her real-life relationship with her own grandmother and her work mentoring young people with mental health challenges. So, this show manages to merge darkness with laughter, giving voices to characters who you rarely see at the theatre.


As noted, Victoria Oxley is the writer of this original piece.


A talented cast is awaiting further announcements. But when the full list of performers is available, we will let you know!


The Unity Theatre is an intimate and quirky venue. Indeed, it has a special place on Liverpool’s theatre scene. And this reflects in its offering of exciting, thought-provoking and unorthodox shows. Furthermore, the stage is extremely close to the audience, meaning that attendees often have close eye contact with the stars. And that can make for some interesting experiences, as well as allowing crowds to immerse themselves fully into the experience. So, if you’re looking for something fresh and different, we recommend that you stop by at Unity Theatre.


Saturday September 18 2021: Unity Theatre, Liverpool

Future dates and locations are awaiting confirmation.

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Stayin’ Alive comes to Unity Theatre on Saturday September 18 2021. So, to purchase tickets, please click here.

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