The Monkey With No Bum – The Musical Review – Bombed Out Church, Liverpool

The Monkey With No Bum - The Musical
Image Source: Liverpool Theatre Festival

Show: The Monkey With No Bum – The Musical
Event: Liverpool Theatre Festival Of New Works
Location: Bombed Out Church, Liverpool
Date: Sunday July 18 2021
Time: 13.30
Running Time: 40 Minutes
Age Rating: 2+
Performers: Lindzi Germain, Asa Murphy & Charlie The Monkey
Production Company: Bill Elms Associates
Writer: Asa Murphy
Director: Asa Murphy

This is our theatre review for The Monkey With No Bum – The Musical at Liverpool‘s Bombed Out Church. Now, this is the twelfth show of Liverpool Theatre Festival Of New Works 2021. So, let’s take a look at The Monkey With No Bum – The Musical!

The Monkey With No Bum – The Musical


So, this show brings to life this colourful book all about Charlie The Monkey. Now, the setting is Jungle School as we meet the headmaster Mr Plop (Asa Murphy, the writer of the book). And he introduces us to Miss Jolly (Lindzi Germain), who quickly has the kids in attendance laughing. And not just some laughs, but huge, belting laughs as she determines which section of the audience is the loudest. From there, she begins to read us the story itself, but not before an appearance by Charlie himself. Charlie just wants to play, especially after hearing that there may be a party. So, Miss Jolly and Charlie create a party-like atmosphere with a number of songs that involve the audience, from guessing fruits to shaking bums. Oh, yes; the Bum Bum song was a big part of this show!

Onto the story itself then. So, we learn that Charlie is a generally happy young monkey, but there’s just one problem. He doesn’t have a very big bum. In fact, he only has a little bum, and his friends tease him for that fact. So, for his birthday, his parents buy him a gift voucher for The Great Big Bum Shop. And he can pick any bum he wants in terms of size, shape, colour and even pattern! Just before he makes his choice, Charlie’s parents remind him that they love him no matter what his appearance is. And so Charlie has a change of heart as he decides that he is perfect in any way. And that’s the core message of this tale; you’re perfect as you are because you’re unique and special.


This is a fun show from beginning to end. The kids would be into everything, from the songs to the dances to the jokes to the colours. Meanwhile, the cast all play their roles very well, especially when it comes to capturing the attention of the audience. The plot itself is amusing, and it guarantees giggles at various points, particularly when Charlie is picking from various bums. After all, it’s not every day that you get to decide to buy a new bum. And the range of bums available is vast!

However, I would particularly appreciate the message to take home. That’s because so many people, especially young children, are cast aside due to the perception of a flaw they have. And it can have a detrimental effect on the person’s happiness and confidence, even if that flaw is minuscule. So, it’s nice for this book to remind us that not everybody has to be the same. In fact, it’s better to be different as long as you feel comfortable about yourself. And if you’re happy with how you are, then that’s all you ever need. Don’t change because others want you to; be you, and be the most perfect version of you possible. It’s a great message to take away.


The Monkey With No Bum – The Musical is both fun and funny, with memorable moments for kids and parents alike. That’s because the songs are catchy, the jokes will guarantee big laughs, and the plot will crack a smile. (Sorry.) Add to that its positive message, and you have a show that is a delight for the family to see.


Target Audience: 2+
Content: No Content Likely To Offend
Recommendation?: Yes

Overall Rating: 9/10 – Outstanding

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