First Time Preview – Unity Theatre, Liverpool

First Time
Image Source: Uncover Liverpool

Show: First Time
Location: Unity Theatre, Liverpool
Dates: Thursday October 21-Friday October 22 2021
Time: 19.30
Running Time: 90 Minutes
Age Rating: 16+
Performer: Nathaniel Hall
Production Company: Dibby Theatre

The days are counting down to First Time coming to Liverpool‘s Unity Theatre. The show comes to Liverpool from Thursday October 21 to Friday October 22 2021. And tickets are still available for this intriguing show. Now, this will be a memorable theatre show at the Unity Theatre. So, let’s take a look at First Time!

First Time


Can you remember your very first time? Well, Nathaniel can’t forget his. Mind you, he’s been repeating it in his head repeatedly for the past 15 years. But the party’s over, the balloons are burst and he lives his best queer life. That being, he brunches on pills, and he Googles kangaroo vaginas, ancient condoms and human cesspits every weekday morning. Indeed, he’s living his best life … or is he?

This is a show that has critical acclaim due to it being both hilarious and heartbreaking. And it’s an autobiographical show about growing up being positive in a negative world. So, join Nathaniel as he blows the lid on a secret that he keeps after all these years. This is a Waterside Arts Commission with the support of Arts Council England. Note that the show includes scenes of recreational drug use, strong language and references to sexual grooming.


This show comes courtesy of Dibby Theatre and Nathaniel Hall himself.


Nathaniel Hall is the star of this one-man show.


The Unity Theatre is an intimate and quirky venue. Indeed, it has a special place on Liverpool’s theatre scene. And this reflects in its offering of exciting, thought-provoking and unorthodox shows. Furthermore, the stage is extremely close to the audience, meaning that attendees often have close eye contact with the stars. And that can make for some interesting experiences, as well as allowing crowds to immerse themselves fully into the experience. So, if you’re looking for something fresh and different, we recommend that you stop by at Unity Theatre.


Thursday October 21-Friday October 22 2021: Unity Theatre, Liverpool

Future dates and locations are awaiting confirmation.

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First Time comes to Unity Theatre from Thursday October 21 to Friday October 22 2021. And you can purchase tickets right now.

Dibby Theatre also has an exclusive website for you to check out.

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