Bootleg Blondie Announcement – Floral Pavilion, New Brighton

bootleg blondie
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Show: Bootleg Blondie
Location: Floral Pavilion, New Brighton
Date: Thursday December 9 2021
Time: 20:00
Running Time: Approx. 90 minutes
Age Rating: 12+

The countdown to Bootleg Blondie performing at New Brighton‘s Floral Pavilion is on! You can catch the show in New Brighton on Thursday December 9 2021 with tickets now available for this punchy show. The world’s number one Blondie tribute boasts the top vocals and best matched image that all fans of the real Blondie are bound to enjoy at the Floral Pavilion. So, let’s take a look at Bootleg Blondie!

Bootleg Blondie


The only Blondie tribute to have ever performed at the famous CBGB in New York City, Bootleg Blondie formed in 2001 and since have been gratefully acknoweledged by the real Blondie. They have even met the band on several ocassions and Bootleg Blondie were even thanked on Blondie’s 11th album ‘Pollinator’. Furthermore, they have toured the UK twice under the group name CBBB (Clem Burke & Bootleg Blondie) with Blondie’s actual drummer.

Debbie Harris, lead vocals in Bootleg Blondie, has the full package- the vocals, the expression, and of course the blonde! Her wardrobe reflects the real thing with previous performances seeing dustbin liner dresses and thigh-high boots. Harris doesn’t only perform the vocals though; her guitar is a big part of the performance and is even signed by all of the members of the Blondie band. Bootleg Blondie performed on the BBC after being selected to represent Debbie Harry on ‘Even Better Than The Real Thing’ with an audience of 10 million. So, if you’re a Blondie fan and appreciate a tribute with not only a seal of approval from the real thing but public recognition and thanks, this show is for you!


The Floral Pavilion brings theatre to life in a 21st-century setting as part of New Brighton’s recent regeneration. With more than 150 shows per year covering all genres and age groups, the Floral Pavilion has it all. Not to mention its own conference centre for additional private and public events. Furthermore, the venue prides itself on providing a mixture of great entertainment, affordable tickets, a stunning setting and a loyal community. And all this is on the New Brighton seafront, allowing for eye-catching sights as you walk to the auditorium. So make sure to come to the Floral Pavilion to see a top-notch show in a top-notch theatre.

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Bootleg Blondie comes to the Floral Pavilion on Thursday December 9 2021 and you can buy tickets right now.

Additionally, the show has its own website for you to check out.

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