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Jersey Boys is the crème de la crème of theatre musicals. The story of how Frankie Valli, Tommy Devito, Bob Gaudio and Nick Massi became huge stars as The Four Seasons with one hit after another, only for it all to fall apart (largely because of Tommy's financial problems) is a compelling and cautionary tale, but it is the songs themselves, and the performances of said songs by the cast, that make this one of the most famous shows in the world, spanning from Broadway to the West End and from Toronto to Tokyo.
Image Source: Bill Elms Written By: Mark Armstrong The Wizard Of Oz is a timeless classic of a story, which celebrates its 80th anniversary in 2019. Before that, though, Dorothy and company are coming to life on the stage in an exciting pantomime for all of the family to enjoy. The show heads to the Epstein Theatre in Liverpool next weekend, but...
Image Source: ATG Written By: Alison Jones Format: Musical Genre: Romantic Drama Date: October 16 2017 Location: Liverpool Empire Theatre Well, the audience that first appreciated Flashdance are probably a bit long in the tooth for leotards and legwarmers these days, but we were transported back to the early 80’s without too much of a problem. I even sighed for my permed hair (maybe not ...)! This performance didn’t have a...
Being alternative doesn’t necessarily mean that the output will be of a high quality, which is highlighted spectacularly with Hellboy.
This was far from a vintage episode of WWE Main Event.
TNT Supreme Extreme 2019 was a great show which produced a couple of independent wrestling dream matches.
This edition of WWE Main Event had its moments.
The US location and inter-brand action made this episode of WWE NXT UK stand out.
WWE Main Event was hardly anything to shout about this week.
Overall, this was another great show, which furthered the storylines in exciting ways for all four champions in NXT & produced two great wrestling matches.
Tom Gates Live On Stage! was a fun production for all the family to enjoy, in particular younger members of the audience.
Though a step below last week’s edition, this was another good episode of WWE 205 Live, with a fun four-way opener and a strong main event.
Sweeney Todd is an excellent production that runs at Liverpool's Everyman Theatre until May 18.