Book Review: Corfu Capers by Joy Skye

Corfu Capers
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Title: Corfu Capers
Author: Joy Skye
Publisher: Unknown
Genre: Romance Comedy
Formats: Paperback, Kindle
Number Of Pages: 251 (Print), 253 (Digital)
Publish Date:
December 10 2019


“Five people, three secrets, one planned proposal. What could possibly go wrong? Kate Delaney doesn’t need a man in her life. And she is organising the perfect vacation with her son Scott and his friends to prove it. The fact that she is also planning Scott’s proposal to the girl that her ex-husband doesn’t approve of is a bonus. As her plans start to fall apart with hilarious consequences, will she find the validation she’s looking for on Corfu? Or will she find something else entirely?”

This is our book review for Corfu Capers, written by Joy Skye. It’s a fast-paced story with a beautiful description of the atmosphere and surroundings. And it’s an easy-to-follow take with some funny sections that will brighten your day. Not forgetting a charmingly perfect ending to round everything off. This is the latest book review for our site. So, let’s see what Corfu Capers has to offer!

Corfu Capers


The story begins in the present, with an email exchange between Kate and Peter Williams of Sublime Resorts Concierge. So, they discuss an upcoming trip to Corfu in a months time for the family and 15 friends and relatives.
Now, each chapter has a title and gives the adventures of Kate, her son Scott, his girlfriend, Linda and their friends Marc and Charlotte. So, the group go away for the week on a trip where Scott hopes to propose. But how will things turn out when hidden secrets come to light?


Joy Skye provides an interesting plot, with a simplistic writing style and covering modern relationship dynamics. After all, each character is unique, and between them and the scenery, they blow the reader away. The character development of Corfu Capers is also good. There’s a mixture of relatable characters provoking a lot of feels; some negative and some positive. For instance, Kate is a mean and sometimes unbearable character, but I greatly enjoy reading about Peter. And that’s because his character is pure charm. What’s more, I really sympathise with Linda’s character, as she always seems to be an afterthought.


I would recommend reading Corfu Capers to lovers of Contemporary Romance. It’s a great escapism story for when you need to have a break from the world. I took great pleasure in getting away to the sunny skies of Corfu.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10 – Good

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