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A Question Of Sport
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This is our review for A Question Of Sport at Liverpool‘s M&S Bank Arena. So, let’s take a look at A Question Of Sport!


A Question Of Sport has been on BBC television for over 50 years. It was this golden anniversary that the AQOS tour was set to mark for its original 2020 dates. However, the pandemic would delay the tour until the autumn of 2021. Crucially, a controversial change in cast members would lead to the familiar faces leaving the show. Yet all three – host Sue Barker and team captains Matt Dawson and Phil Tufnell – would receive a “lap of honour” tour. That’s what we would see here as the old favourites could do their thing once more.

Along the way, the light entertainment show would demonstrate some of its more famous rounds. The Picture Round, Top Ten, On The Buzzer and Sprint Finish would all be inclusions. For the live audience between halves, there would also be the ever-popular Mystery Guest round. Not forgetting the special guests on hand: David James, Beth Tweddle, Kevin Campbell and Steve Parry. Furthermore, we would reminisce on classic AQOS moments, with each of the seven performers looking back on their AQOS experiences.


This was a lot of fun all the way through. As a longtime AQOS fan, it was a treat to see the show on a bigger stage in an arena. All involved looked like they were really enjoying themselves, in particular the three legends of the show. Sue, Matt and Phil would have plenty of humorous tales to tell from their time working on the programme. Meanwhile, the four special guests would also have the crowd laughing at some of their intriguing stories. However, Steve would garner the biggest reaction when acknowledging what everybody was thinking. Namely, that this version is far superior to the revamped output currently on BBC1.

As for the game itself, the best part about this live tour was the audience interaction. Yes, some rounds require the sportspeople to quietly ponder and discuss potential answers between themselves. However, other rounds thrived off getting the crowd involved, such as listing options for the locally-focused top ten lists. And because the answers aren’t always obvious, some real thought must go into the guesses. Consequently, it’s ideal for getting an audience to participate in a manner that is crucial to make the show work.


Though this has the subtitle of “the lap of honour tour”, I feel there’s potential in this becoming an annual thing. Especially since we won’t get to see Sue, Matt and Phil on a weekly basis anymore. Indeed, there’s value to seeing the trio tour the UK’s arenas every year. There’s also a long line of potential guests for each location. And because the questions always change, each live show would be different. So, I would like to see this return if it was possible. Even if that doesn’t happen, though, this was a great way to celebrate one of the country’s most beloved TV programmes.

Overall Rating: 8.5/10 – Excellent

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So, A Question Of Sport continues its UK tour, and tickets are still available now.

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