Mark Thomas Preview – Hot Water Comedy Club, Liverpool

Mark Thomas
Image Source: Steve Ullathorne

This is our preview for Mark Thomas‘ show 50 Things About Us at Liverpool‘s Hot Water Comedy Club. So, let’s take a look at Mark Thomas!

Mark Thomas


In his latest comedy show 50 Things About Us, Mark Thomas manages to offer a unique combination. He combines his trademark storytelling, stand-up, mischief and highly-researched material. And in doing so, he examines how we come to inhabit this divided wasteland that some call the United Kingdom. What’s more, Mark is delighted to return to the road once again.

As part of this, Mark picks through the myths, facts and figures of our national identities. And he asks how we have so much feeling for such a hollow land. As a matter of fact, who do we think we are? It’s a show about money, history, songs, gongs, wigs, unicorns, guns, bungs, sods of soil and rich people* in the vein of The Manifesto-meets-sweary history channel. (* – Not the adjective Mark chose.)


Now, Mark is an unstoppable force both on and off-stage. He has stopped arms deals, created a manifesto and brought a winning policy to parliament. Furthermore, he walked the entire length of the Israeli wall in the West Bank. Plus, he initiated a comedy club in Jenin and had six series on Channel 4. That’s alongside several television documentaries and radio series. Want more? He wrote some books, earned a Guinness World Record, performed on sell-out tours and won numerous awards. And he nabbed himself a Medal of Honour while succeeding in changing some laws along the way. So, it’s an understatement to say that he is an accomplished performer!

50 Things About Us is also a podcast. Furthermore, September Publishing has brought 50 Things About Us to life as a book in 2021.

*(not the adjective Mark has chosen)

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So, Mark Thomas brings 50 Things About Us to Hot Water Comedy Club on Sunday April 10. And you can buy tickets right now!