Milton Jones Review – Auditorium At M&S Bank Arena, Liverpool

Milton Jones
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This is our review of Milton Jones: Milton Impossible at Liverpool‘s Auditorium At M&S Bank Arena. So, let’s take a look at Milton Jones!

Milton Jones

Description Of Milton Jones

There were two warm-up acts of sorts before the main course. One of these saw Milton himself portray his grandfather via a funny Zoom conversation. Of note, Jones’ “grandfather” commented on Covid guidelines, road signs and other observations on modern life. The second part featured Tom Houghton, who humorously asked the audience to admit that they didn’t know who he was. However, Tom more than held his own with some interesting points on his life so far. That he’s the son of a Lord and lives in the Tower Of London is intriguing, to say the least!

As for Milton, he was his typical self in more ways than one. For instance, he walked on with the scruffiest hairstyle imaginable as well as a non-matching silk top and camo trousers. His first words? “Good to see that we’re back to normal.” This laid the tone for what was to come. The show had the title Milton: Impossible, and so the act largely focused on his undercover spy work. Cue a raft of jokes that came rapid-fire, yet were given time to digest for all attendees to laugh. In some cases, Jones would temporarily pause the show to humorously comment on where some audience members were up to. But the running time flew by; while we watched an hour of comedy, I could have easily watched another hour.

Analysis Of Milton Jones

It was refreshing to see a recognisable stand-up comic provide a show that was family-friendly. Too often, comedians resort to four-letter words, sexual references and controversial one-liners for cheap laughs. In some cases, that’s actually all that the comics are capable of delivering. But this doesn’t apply to Milton Jones (and Tom Houghton for that matter). Indeed, the most skilled comedians have the timeless ability to garner laughs from simple, straightforward yet oftentimes clever jokes. And that’s what we got with one memorable wisecrack after another.

Another refreshing element was being in an audience that simply wanted to relax and enjoy itself. There was audience interaction aplenty which in itself led to some of the night’s funniest moments. But otherwise heckles were at a minimum as the crowd allowed the designated star to shine. And shine he did, with great jokes, unusual props and also amusing callbacks to earlier stages. For instance, Jones noted that his spy work could have made him a prisoner in the Tower Of London. But fear not, for as he pointed out, “I know someone who lives there”.

Summary Of Milton Jones

In reviewing shows for this website, there are sometimes shows that I attend out of courtesy. But this was a show that I was genuinely looking forward to. And Milton Jones lived up to my expectations with a show that I won’t forget in a hurry. So, make sure to see Milton when he visits your town because his act is very unique and thoroughly entertaining.


Target Audience: Ages 30+
Content: No Content Likely To Offend
Recommendation?: Yes

Overall Rating: 8.5/10 – Excellent

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