Ricky Gervais Show Review – M&S Bank Arena, Liverpool

Ricky Gervais
Image Source: Fox News

Performer: Ricky Gervais
Show: Super Nature
Location: M&S Bank Arena, Liverpool
Date: Friday October 23 2021
Time: 19.30
Running Time: 135 Minutes
Age Rating: 18+

This is our comedy review of Ricky Gervais at Liverpool‘s M&S Bank Arena. So, let’s take a look at Ricky Gervais!

Ricky Gervais


Sean McLoughlin would serve as the warm-up act here. He would amusingly begin with acknowledging how few attendees would show excitement at a warm-up performer. Still, his set was entertaining, with discussions of Google, his relationship, his first name and awkward social media conversations. Then, after a lengthy break (partly due to excessive queues to get into the arena) Ricky himself would hit the stage. As the title Super Nature indicates, this show would delve into human life and the more amazing aspects of humanity. Indeed, Ricky would explain why, rather than pondering evolution or afterlife possibilities, life itself has so much to offer.

Along the way, Ricky would tackle other key issues in society. Amongst these would be the rising prevalence of “wokeness” and cancel culture, and their continuous impact on society. Discussing examples of such situations, Ricky would muse that, at this rate, those cancelling others may find themselves preparing for a cancellation themselves. As is his trademark, Gervais would also discuss some hot topic issues that can be difficult for some to discuss themselves. And of course, with each segment of his show, we would get one-liners ranging from clever observations to near-the-knuckle jokes. All the way, the crowd would be in the palm of his hands, with Ricky garnering huge cheers as festivities would conclude.


Ricky Gervais is as wise, knowledgeable, thought-provoking, controversial and, ultimately, hilarious as any comedian could be. His previous shows – Animals, Politics, Fame, Science and Humanity – would all follow a similar formula. Gervais has the ability to hold the room’s attention without acting zany or overemphasising his jokes. Instead, he has a calm, frank demeanour that is, at times, conversational. But with his commentary comes a mixture of harsh truths and side-splitting breakdowns of cultural beliefs. He also knows his audience, recognising when and how to pull the trigger on comments that tip-toe over lines without fully crossing them.

For instance, his analysis of cancel culture was understandable, especially for stand-up comics whereby one dodgy joke could instigate chaos. However, his routine on diseases and one in particular (not the one you think) would have the audience in stitches. Furthermore, his explanations of routine health checks, societal racism and family relationships would all have laugh-out-loud moments. Indeed, for his core audience, the show is a treat from start to finish. Most notable is his acknowledgement near the beginning that because he jokes about certain topics doesn’t constitute an endorsement. His occasional reminder about irony and satire allows him to deliver hard-hitting material in the most comical fashion possible.


This is the latest in a long line of home-run stand-up shows for Ricky Gervais. This particular show will soon come to Netflix, or you can catch him live as his Super Nature tour continues. In some respects, it’s a thrill to see such a famous, legendary comedian of modern times doing what he does best. Yet at its core, he’s still a regular bloke offering up opinions that have audiences everywhere in hysterics. Either way, this show comes with a very high recommendation from me.


Target Audience: 18+
Content: Very Strong Language, Infrequent Sex References
Recommendation?: Yes

Overall Rating: 9/10 – Outstanding

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