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Drew McIntyre
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Title: Drew McIntyre – The Best of WWE’s Scottish Warrior
Producer: WWE
Running Time: 192 Minutes
Certificate: 15
Number Of Discs: 1
Studio: Fremantle Home Entertainment
Released: December 13 2021

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This is our DVD review for Drew McIntyre – The Best of WWE’s Scottish Warrior. And it’s the latest DVD review for our site. So, let’s see what we think of Drew McIntyre – The Best of WWE’s Scottish Warrior!

Drew McIntyre – The Best of WWE’s Scottish Warrior

First Half

The first match sees Drew defeat John Morrison for the Intercontinental Title at TLC 2009. This version of McIntyre looks so young and clean-cut, though he was already The Chosen One at this point. McIntyre’s momentum would lead to the next bout, a SmackDown clash against The Undertaker prior to WrestleMania XXVI. From there, Drew would encounter turbulence with his status plummetting, eventually resulting in his release from WWE in 2014. However, Drew would reinvent himself and become a much more valuable and marketable performer.

Consequently, by the time of his front-row appearance at NXT TakeOver: Orlando (remember those “surprise” cameos?), fans would be ecstatic. This would pave the way for our next bout, Drew’s NXT Title win over Bobby Roode at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn 2017. McIntyre actually wouldn’t last too much longer in NXT, with an injury cutting short his time there. He would resurface on Raw, and he would eventually face Kurt Angle in match number four. This UK contest was memorable and would mark the beginning of Angle’s retirement while greatly boosting Drew.

Main Event Push

After a topsy-turvy 2019, Drew would make 2020 his year to break through. We see him suddenly change the complexion of the Royal Rumble match before winning it outright. Now, this would lead to him dethroning Brock Lesnar as WWE Champion at WrestleMania 36, but I must provide context. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Drew’s career-defining moment would happen in an empty Performance Center. Though it’s still special to the Scottish Warrior, I still feel very sad that Drew was denied his true Mania moment. I’m hoping he gets it against Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 38; current signs are that this could be the case.

The DVD still has two more matches to offer, though. We see his SummerSlam clash against Randy Orton, the first of their multiple matches to entertain fans in the ThunderDome. After that, the compilation rounds off with him facing and defeating Goldberg at Royal Rumble 2021. This is one of Goldberg’s better recent efforts, with McIntyre serving to make the legend look as good as possible. It’s clear by the end of this DVD just how much McIntyre has evolved and improved over the years. Right now, he is the Chosen One that WWE always wanted. However, I again note that Drew deserves his big moment proper in front of a full arena/stadium. Hopefully, he gets it in 2022.


On the whole, this is a fun trawl through the history of a man with a very interesting and unusual career. A huge early push would lead to a rapid decline, only for a transformation to give him a second chance. A likeable guy with a real passion for wrestling, Drew is now one of WWE’s most valuable and experienced performers. And though his story is far from over, this DVD does a nice job of summarising his journey to date.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10 – Good

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