WWE Elimination Chamber 2023 DVD Review feat. Roman Reigns vs. Sami Zayn

Elimination Chamber 2023 DVD
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Title: Elimination Chamber 2023
Producer: WWE
Running Time: 200 Minutes
Certificate: 15
Number Of Discs: 1
Studio: Fremantle Home Entertainment
Released: April 3 2023

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This is our DVD review for Elimination Chamber 2023!

Elimination Chamber 2023 Under Card

We open the show with the women’s Elimination Chamber match. This is to determine Bianca Belair’s WrestleMania opponent, and it’s Asuka who comes out on top. I was thinking watching this match how much better the Elimination Chamber concept is than War Games. I was unhappy watching Survivor Series 2022 and seeing the usual weapon spots inside War Games. Here, the environment itself was the sole weapon, and it made for a much more exciting match. Speaking of exciting, Brock Lesnar destroying everything after his match with Bobby Lashley is more heart-pounding than the bout itself.

Next up, Edge and Beth Phoenix face Finn Balor and Rhea Ripley. This is a lot of fun, and the Montreal crowd is all over Dominik Mysterio. Seriously, go back and watch this, and feel the animosity that fans have toward Rey’s son. Incredible. Then, it’s the men’s Elimination Chamber match with the United States Title at stake. This is also very entertaining, even if some spots are totally contrived. Logan Paul’s interference is the deciding factor, with him and Seth Rollins now set to clash at WrestleMania.

Main Event Of Elimination Chamber 2023

There’s only one option to main event this card: Roman Reigns vs. the hometown hero Sami Zayn. This is basically Money In The Bank 2011, but with the champion retaining his crown. The match itself is as exciting as you would expect, and the Montreal fans make it a memorable occasion. After the match, we get the return of Kevin Owens, and Sami and KO destroy the Tribal Chief. But we don’t get a true Owens and Zayn reunion; that would be a little while off.

Honestly, the only issue with this match is how predictable it all was. As over as Zayn was, nobody believed he would beat Roman. But crucially, everybody had already deduced where Zayn’s story would take him to WrestleMania. As compelling as the Bloodline saga has been, it has been easy to predict each story beat (Jey Uso aside). Meanwhile, Reigns’ reign is getting a little stale in the sense that you don’t feel he’s going to lose. That reduces the impact of the near-falls in bouts like this. Perhaps this will receive a remedy in the form of a Cody Rhodes triumph at WrestleMania 39 this Sunday.

Elimination Chamber 2023 Summary

This is a very enjoyable PPV. Both Chamber matches are really good, the mixed tag is exciting, and the main event is a joy to watch. The only downside is Lesnar vs. Lashley, which should have been more explosive from bell-to-bell. Otherwise, though, it’s a strong card that is definitely worth a second viewing on DVD.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10 – Good