WWE Ruthless Aggression Vol. 2 DVD Review

Ruthless Aggression Vol. 2
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Title: Ruthless Aggression Vol. 2
Producer: WWE
Running Time: 197 Minutes
Certificate: 15
Number Of Discs: 1
Studio: Fremantle Home Entertainment
Released: May 2 2022

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This is our DVD review for WWE Ruthless Aggression Vol. 2. And it’s the latest DVD review for our site. So, let’s see what we think of Ruthless Aggression Vol. 2!

Description Of Ruthless Aggression Vol. 2

So, this DVD covers the second series of Ruthless Aggression, which finally arrived on the WWE Network last November. As the title suggests, Ruthless Aggression Vol. 2 covers the era between 2002-2008 in the form of five documentaries. The first tracks the transformation of The Rock from a wise-cracking babyface to a Hollywood-absorbed heel. To me, Rock during 2003 was the funniest heel of all time, if not the most entertaining character in wrestling history. As such, it’s a treat to see a reflection on Rock at his artistic peak within WWE.

Episode two focuses on innovations, such as the Money In The Bank briefcase and the Elimination Chamber match. Then, episode three highlights the increasing presence of the women’s division. Finlay is rightly given much praise for his contribution to this movement, especially since it went against the company’s intentions, at least initially. Meanwhile, episode four spotlights Shawn Michaels’ awe-inspiring comeback from a seemingly-permanent retirement to a legendary eight-year run. That he was better than ever was the icing on the cake. Finally, the fifth episode focuses on the history of WWE’s developmental system and how OVW greatly shaped the stars of the time period.

Analysis Of Ruthless Aggression Vol. 2

All five episodes are entertaining and have their standout moments. For the Rock spotlight, it’s the archive footage of him riling up Canadian crowds, strumming the guitar and arguing with The Hurricane. The women’s edition, meanwhile, illustrates how enormously attitudes have changed internally compared to modern-day WWE. And during the innovations section, it’s fascinating to see behind-the-scenes footage from the likes of the original Chamber match. From an entertainment standpoint, then, I would say that there’s something for everyone.

However, I’m not sure that we learn much in the way of new information. If anything, there were missed opportunities to enlighten us. For instance, we understand why Rock turned heel, but we never learn who made that decision or when. Similarly, we’re told about Shawn’s desire to reinvent his legacy, but we learn little about his decision to wrestle again. And as with the first series, there are occasional attempts to rewrite the narrative. For instance, the idea that stripping/underwear matches were abhorrent clashes with WWE’s mindset in the early 2000s. Not to mention the huge number of fans that truly relished getting to see such bouts during the Attitude Era.

Summary Of Ruthless Aggression Vol. 2

I definitely suggest checking out Ruthless Aggression Vol. 2 purely for entertainment purposes, especially if you don’t have the WWE Network. But we’ve definitely seen better productions, and the first series covers topics of greater significance to the era. So, it’s worth a watch by all means, but it’s far from WWE’s best work.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10 – Good