WWE The Best Of Money In The Bank DVD Review

The Best Of Money In The Bank
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This is our DVD review for WWE The Best Of Money In The Bank!

Description Of The Best Of Money In The Bank

So, this two-disc set looks back on 13 of the more memorable MITB Ladder matches from over the years. In a strange decision, the matches are presented chronologically across each disc, but not across the set as a whole. To make things easier for this review, I will break things down disc by disc.

Disc One Matches

The star-studded MITB match from WrestleMania 23 has plenty of memorable moments and is a worthy inclusion here. Then, it’s the Raw brand’s MITB match from the inaugural PPV of the same title in 2010. That would see The Miz take a major step towards main event status. Less significant is the forgettable MITB main event from 2012, despite the appearance of John Cena. After that, we have a highly entertaining MITB clash from 2014. Seth Rollins enters a spectacular performance here, as does his longtime rival Dean Ambrose.

From there, it’s the 2016 encounter that sees Ambrose capture the briefcase himself amidst a deluge of wacky spots. The last two matches on the first disc concern the women’s MITB encounters. So, 2018 gives us a very good bout that sees Alexa Bliss win the prize. And then it’s a slightly less spectacular outing from 2019 that crowns its latest champion in Bayley.

The Best Of Money In The Bank Disc Two Matches

Rob Van Dam’s MITB triumph comes via a very exciting and varied clash from WrestleMania 22. From there, we see Daniel Bryan snatch the case in an awesome SmackDown brand Ladder match from 2011. After that, we get an underrated MITB match from 2017 that is often forgotten by fans. Then, it’s a SmackDown episode redo of the initial women’s MITB match. This was presumably a reaction to the vitriol that was thrown at the first attempt days earlier. More controversy comes from Brock Lesnar snatching victory in an otherwise-fantastic Ladder match from 2019.

We round things off with an oddity: two MITB matches, happening simultaneously, during the pandemic era of wrestling. This means that we see various wrestlers working their way up WWE HQ towards the two MITB briefcases. It’s a very entertaining spectacle, but it still feels absolutely bizarre, especially alongside traditional bouts on this DVD. And the fact that this closes out the collection also feels odd. I would have preferred either Big E or Austin Theory’s recent triumphs closing things out.

Analysis Of The Best Of Money In The Bank

The beauty of the Money In The Bank Ladder match is that virtually every bout is at least moderately entertaining. That’s because of the chaotic nature of the stipulation, with every big bump creating memories and excitement. That proves true throughout this set, as every single bout has something to offer. Not to mention the significant time span that we get from 2006-2020 across both discs. There are some notable omissions, though, in which case I could have welcomed the inclusion of a third disc.

Summary Of The Best Of Money In The Bank

On the whole, I would definitely recommend this DVD set. There are loads of great matches, as well as some of WWE’s most spectacular spots in recent times. Furthermore, it’s the ideal preparation for MITB 2023, which of course comes to London on July 1. And a shoutout to the superb MITB briefcase artwork that rounds the package off nicely.

Overall Rating: 8/10 – Very Good