Billionaire Boy – Theatre Review

Show: Billionaire Boy

Location: Empire Theatre, Liverpool

Date: Wednesday 16th June 2021

Time: 19.00

Running Time: 110 Minutes (Including Interval)

Age Rating: 7+

Performers: Matthew Gordon, Matthew Mellalieu, Tuhin Chisti, Emma Matthews, Matthew Chase, Rosie Coles, Jake Lomas, Anthony Sahota, & Amy Hargreaves

Production Company: Birmingham Stage Company

Writer: Story by David Walliams, Adapted by Neal Foster

Director: Neal Foster

Billionaire Boy

So, our next theatre review is for Billionaire Boy at Liverpool’s Empire Theatre. The show runs until Saturday 18th June 2022. Now this is my first theatre review for Writebase and was excited to get the opportunity. So let’s take a look at Billionaire Boy.

Story of Billionaire Boy

The story of Billionaire Boy follows the heir to the BumFresh empire, Joe Spud. Joe wishes only to have a friend. Unfortunately, at ST Cuthbert’s (the best school in all of England) Joe is bullied for how his Dad earned his billions, inventing a new brand of toilet paper whilst working at a toilet paper company. For his birthday Joe wishes to move to a different school, one where he can hide his family’s fortune and hopefully find a friend. When he arrives at the new school, he meets Bob. Someone who gets bullied quite regularly, the two bond over this. Over the course of the play Joe and his Dad learn the importance of life. Friends and happiness not monetary value. BumFresh goes bankrupt due to a purple bottom pandemic. The authorities seize Mr. Spud’s assets and money, they allow Joe to go into his room and grab his stuff. He comes out solely with the rocket his Dad had made for him all of them years ago. Signifying the two were happiest when they were there for each other, and that the money didn’t bring them the happiness they both wanted. They lose all their riches but are happy for it.

Analysis of Billionaire Boy

The cast were all brilliant, apart from the Grump twins I found all of them memorable for the right reasons. The Grumps were captivating in their own right, but I couldn’t understand most words they were singing or speaking. The words were made up for the most part but it came off muffled so I couldn’t accurately hear the made-up words which for me took the comedy out of their duet. Mrs Trafe was an absolute delight being the standout performer of the show in mine and what seemed to be the applauding audience’s opinion. Although it must be mentioned the chemistry between the three young lads Joe, Bob, and Jayden was very enjoyable with memorable moments including the Joe’s and Bob’s whose fatter comparison and Jayden teaching Joe how to “walk to a beat”. The set design was very well executed and was very efficient in changing scenes on the stage. The ingenuity of the main prop (BumFresh Tower) consisting off all these other props was genius. I especially loved the helicopter prop, it had me and my company’s jaws dropped wide open when it began to land onto the floor of the stage.

Summary of Billionaire Boy

 In conclusion Billionaire Boy is a well performed, well cast extremely well set-designed family performance written by the great David Walliams. It does contain a lot of poo/bum humor. The overall tone of the show does feel a lot like watching a Horrid Henry play, but I think that’s to Billionaire Boy’s credit.  The Horrid Henry tone definitely goes well with the story subject and target demographic. It has a nice moral with an uplifting ending accompanied by many childish jokes and songs, many I have to be honest and say I laughed at too. If you’re looking for a play to watch this week Billionaire Boy is thoroughly worth the visit to the Empire Theatre.

Overall Rating: 7.5 – Good

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