A Sports Review – Comparing Overall Seasons

Image Source: Daily Express

The Context of Football in Sports Media

As I have mentioned in my discussion on LFC opinions, the talk of football reviews tends to dominate the sports section of the media. Because of this, a lot of other sports do not get as much of a look-in as they arguably should. In today’s article, I will provide this look-in, and, as my title suggests, compare overall seasons of different sports.

There is just one caveat to this, though. It is the fact that I am aware of the nature of fans of football fans. They tend to have a more deeply rooted passion for and devotion to the game. I would tend to fall under this bracket. Admittedly I do not know an awful lot about the other sports (cricket, for example). I will keep this in mind when, light-heartedly, and, I hope you will find, funnily, when reviewing the respective seasons.


Although not the most reliable source, according to Wikipedia, the “2021-2022 international cricket season took place from September 2021 to April 2022”. The last game was between the Cayman Islands and the Bahamas on Sunday the 17th of April this year, taking place at 8PM in the Jimmy Powell Oval at George Town in the Cayman Islands…But here’s where it gets technical and my knowledge falls down.

Eventually, the Cayman Islands won, but it goes on terms of ‘innings’ and ‘runs’ rather than goals or points. Also, this was the final game of the season, with the Cayman Islands being the leaders.


Rugby is a game I know a bit more about, as I played it briefly at school. I am by no means an expert, but I know how the passing and points systems work. It is also much more televised (at least on the terrestrial channels) than the other two sports I mention.

I admire the grassroots aspects of the rugby leagues, although rugby union is the more popular version of the sport with, for example, the Welsh rugby team winning the recent 2021 Six Nations competition. Also, the 2022 Six Nations was due to start yesterday, but I did not hear much about it.


Finally, the most physical, or violent, sport of the list. The recent clash between Tyson Fury and Dillian Whyte is perhaps the most brutal example of how title-winners of this sport work.

Between the stances and knockout kicks and punches, it appears to me to be a test of fitness and stamina. Obviously, both of these two fighters had that in abundance, but, in my opinion, with his record, Fury was always likely to win the fight.

Conclusion On Sports

In summary, I hope this article has provided a refreshing stance on the typical football opinion pieces that I usually write.

However, I am aware that there is not as much detail as I usually include. But, I have tried my best to cover three sports other than football, and review their associated news and seasons. And, for me, at least, this was an exciting and innovative opportunity.