Some Reasons Why Athletes Use CBD


Athletes are always looking for performance. From joggers and marathon runners to combat athletes and pool players, a growing number of athletes are using CBD to treat muscle soreness, recovery, rest and focus.

CBD is now legal in the UK and Europe, and you can easily purchase the best CBD products online.

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But for now, lets’ see how and why CBD is beneficial for athletes.

What Is CBD, And How Can It Help An Athlete?

CBD (or cannabidiol, if you want the hard-to-pronounce version) is the second most abundant cannabinoid molecule in the hemp plant. A cannabinoid is a chemical compound found in cannabis and produced by the body.

When it comes to THC content, hemp-derived products contain less than 0.2%, while cannabis-derived products can be as high as 90% – and this distinction is essential.

THC is the psychoactive chemical that causes a “high” and often pleasant and sometimes not pleasant alteration of the senses. CBD does not have this effect. So you don’t have to worry about mind-altering effects when striving for your best time on your 10-kilometre run.

Instead, CBD has the ability to bind to receptors and encourage our bodies to produce their cannabinoids in our endocannabinoid system, which is tightly integrated with our central nervous system.

Due to the many benefits of this process, CBD has become one of the most popular wellness products today.

Why Do Athletes Use CBD?

There are many reasons why athletes turn to CBD to supplement their fitness regimen. However, the muscle-calming and soothing characteristics of CBD are perhaps the biggest draws for runners. It is also non-toxic and non-intoxicating and can be ingested or applied to the skin.

CBD is popular with athletes from all walks of life, whether fitness enthusiasts, distance runners or ultra-marathoners. It is available in creams, balms, CBD capsules, CBD oils and others.

Athletes find CBD to have calming effects, contributing to better concentration and making it a valuable tool for post-workout recovery.

Let’s take a closer look.

CBD Soothes Sore Muscles And Joints

After long runs and intense training sessions, athletes turn to the soothing power of CBD to calm distressed muscles and joints.

CBD creams and balms are the most used products for this application. These topical products calm overworked muscles and aching joints, and the formulas often contain familiar healthy supplements, like menthol and willow bark, for additional soothing and cooling benefits.

The benefits of massage on tired muscles are numerous. It’s why every sports team has a team of sports massage experts, why trainers are constantly rubbing down boxers between rounds, and why runners massage their aching legs.

Kinesiology, trigger point therapy and orthopaedic massage are sports industry standards.

Using a healthy topical product, such as a cream or balm, to massage sore quads, hamstrings, calves, and IT band makes muscles and joints happy and helps them recover.

Assisted Recovery

Post-race recovery is as important to athletes as the training itself. Proper recovery exercise and restoring your body’s carbohydrates and electrolytes through an appropriate diet are the best ways to start the recovery process.

When it comes to soft tissue recovery and therapeutic massages, CBD is a valuable addition to your recovery toolbox. Sure, it has relaxing properties, but it does more than soothe sore muscles and joints.

Many athletes believe that CBD helps them recover faster from their workouts. Runners often turn to CBD to reduce muscle discomfort and relax tension, fix troublesome issues, and improve sleep.

The range of formulas that athletes rely on is even more comprehensive for recovery. Cooling and calming balms are a popular topical choice. Athletes also find CBD oil capsules, oils, and even edibles containing protein very useful.

What is the essential ingredient for successful muscle recovery? The sleep.

Final Thoughts

Athletes demand a lot from their bodies. And their body requires a lot in return. So nutrition, hydration, rest and self-care are the critical elements to long and healthy running.

The added benefits of CBD for athletes of all skill levels can be the key to a sustainable fitness regimen. Successful recovery, healthy rest, and great focus benefit from good personal care supplemented with CBD that you will legally find online at

Take care of your muscles and joints, give yourself healthy rest, stay focused and calm, and your body will thank you.