5 Guest Characters We Want in Mortal Kombat 1!

Intro – 5 Guest Characters We Want in Mortal Kombat 1!

With both Kombat Packs 1 & 2 being leaked already, we are free to start speculating for Kombat Pack 3. Something special about these packs however is that we seem to be getting more guest characters than usual. The typical MK Kombat Pack releases with one or at max two guest characters. So are things changing? With recent announcements it sure seems the number of guest characters will be greatly increased for MK1. So with that being here are 5 Guest Characters we want in Mortal Kombat 1!

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5 Guest Characters We Want in Mortal Kombat 1 – Top 5

Mortal Kombat Guest Character 5 – Marcus Fenix (Gears of War)

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Marcus Fenix was originally thought of being included back in Mortal Kombat 9; however they couldn’t acquire the rights. The COG armour, chainsaw lancer and gruff attitude all make Fenix an ideal candidate for Mortal Kombat. Plus John DiMaggio would presumably voice him without breaking the bank. Bringing the character fully to life.

He could have moves relating to the iconic chainsaw lancer and gnasher shotgun. Using both brute strength and firearms he could play like Jax in previous games. The one problem is obviously he is an Xbox property. However, my next entry includes one from PlayStation so maybe just maybe we could get one from each side of the console wars available on all platforms. I’m not counting the Nintendo Switch because the game hardly runs on the system.

Mortal Kombat Guest Characters 4 – Jin (Ghosts of Tsushima)

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Coming from the iconic souls-like Ghosts of Tsushima Jin is a talented Samurai and would add some much needed Honor to the roster. I could see Liu Kang really taking a liking to Jin. I believe they have similar ethics and would suit working alongside. He could always be a good contrast/rival for blind swordsman Kenshi. Its apparent Mortal Kombat is hugely inspired by Asian culture so to include an Asian character from another series would be great to see. As most of the guest characters tend to be Western creations/properties.

His move set could include sword, dagger, and stealth moves. We could customize his sword and his hat/mask like in Ghost of Tsushima and it would also bring more attention to the wonderful place of Tsushima. Perhaps even inspiring a new stage.

5 Guest Characters We Want in Mortal Kombat 1 – Top 3

Mortal Kombat Guest Character 3 – Krieg (Borderlands)

Borderlands 3: Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck DLC Revealed - IGN
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The lovable entertaining psycho from Pandora, Krieg is one that truly stole our hearts. First appearing in Borderlands 2 as a playable character Krieg has been popular by fans since his inception. With many fans believing the theory that he is the father of Tiny Tina, I don’t myself but do like how it is at least a little plausible. His iconic buzzsaw would be a great weapon for Mortal Kombat allowing the opportunity to provide gory, combos and fatalities. He’s weird personality and not all thereness would be a great contrast/rival to Havik. With Havik being seriously weak competitive right now, maybe it would be best to pick a different psycho?

Mortal Kombat Guest Character 2 – Renfield/ Nichols Cage Dracula (Renfield)

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Renfield exploded onto cinemas recently and has been the best vampire film in my opinion for a long time. Its quirky, gory humour and imagery would be perfect for Mortal Kombat. With Nicholas Cage and Nicholas Hoult providing perfect performances it’s hard to pick one of the two for this list. So why should we when we could have both! The master of darkness Dracula is mostly seen in his weakened state throughout the whole film, so it would be good to highlight more of his powers and abilities if given the chance. Either character would also make a good mirror/rival for Nitara.

With Nitara being voiced/performed by Megan Fox it would be good to get another celebrity vampire into the mix. Ed Boon has also gone on record stating he originally wanted every character to be played by a big celebrity. So maybe just maybe he will scratch that itch and bring these two over.

5 Guest Characters We Want in Mortal Kombat 1 – Top 1

Mortal Kombat Guest Character 1 – Zoro

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Heading to the East Blue for inspiration here, another swordsman One Piece’s Zoro would be perfect for a Mortal Kombat game. He has already showed impressive skill with not one, not two, but by wielding three swords at the same time. Amongst showing his brute strength several times over the manga and anime. His pension for getting lost would be the explanation for how he found himself to be in the game. His internal log piece heading to the One Piece simply taking him through a shortcut being realms.

They could get either the live action actor, or the anime’s voice actor to reprise their roles. With One Piece’s live action adaption blowing up on Netflix right now it would be an iconic time to incorporate some cross promotion publicity. One Piece is filled with iconic, dramatic, beautifully choreographed fights. Which lends its characters well to something like Mortal Kombat, but if not Zoro, who would you bring from the world of East, West, North, and South Blue? Tell me in the comments.

Mortal Kombat 1 can be purchased on Steam now.

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