Best Fallout Games Ranked

Fallout has been exploding in popularity recently due to the amazing TV adaption. The series has come so far over the years, even switching from a tabletop RPG, akin to its inspiration Wasteland, to first/third person. In this list we will be looking at the games developed whilst Bethesda has owned the IP. So, anything before Fallout 3 will not be eligible for this list. Here are the best Fallout games ranked….

Best Fallout Games Ranked: Top 5

5– Fallout 76

Fallout 76
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Fallout 76 was the series’ venture into MMO games. Unfortunately, that meant lackluster story and gameplay and a launch that included ZERO human NPCs. Something Fallout was widely known not just for having but having some of the most enthralling NPCs of any game released. So, seeing these cut were enough to turn hardcore fans sour straight away. Despite a lot of updates that do enhance the game into something that is fun especially with friends, due to the poor launch and various controversies, the game will just never reach the heights it could have.

4 – Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter Mobile— a review in 2021 | by Emmy Cao | Medium
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Just like Fallout 4, Fallout Shelter was a surprise announcement that bamboozled most fans. Luckily, we didn’t have to wait long for the mobile game to be released and we could get our hands on it ourselves. When we did the initial skepticism of it being a mobile game faded away with the sheer quality. It was simple but addictive. Allowing players to build their own Vault. Something they couldn’t do until the Vault 88 dlc was released in Fallout 4. The game does have a lot of microtransactions but is genuinely fun to play and collecting the various armors, weapons, and characters can have you coming back to the game day in day out.

Best Fallout Games Ranked: Top 3

3 – Fallout New Vegas

Fallout: New Vegas | Software | TechTudo
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The only Bethesda Fallout in which the player plays as someone other than a vault dweller. Instead playing as the courier. Someone who was shot and left for dead in the middle of a delivery. Found and cared for by a local doctor, the player is nursed back to health although they have amnesia. Returning the kindness shown to them players have the opportunity to defend the town before venturing out into the wasteland in search of answers and vengeance.

Gameplay is solid, making vast improvements of Fallout 3. Mainly, allowing players to aim down the sights. Yet I just didn’t find myself liking the big story playoffs as much as 3 or 4. I did thoroughly enjoy Matthew Perry as Benny. But the factions failed to entice me and I just found myself wanting to complete the story rather than enjoy it.

2 – Fallout 3

Will there be a Fallout 3 Remastered? Rumours and fan mod explained | Radio  Times
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The first Bethesda Fallout game, Fallout 3 revolutionized the series. Having it change from the CRPG fans knew and loved to the open world RPG style that we see today. With an emphasis on action rather than strategy. Which was a pain in F3 as you couldn’t aim down the sights. Besides this one massive drawback the game’s world and characters were thoughtfully designed and really helped flesh out the world of the wasteland. Players saw Vault life for themselves briefly at the start of the story bring a new insight to the games. The story follows the player’s father escaping the Vault. In order to search for him you leave as well and venture across the wasteland looking for anyone who may know where he went.

Best Fallout Games Ranked: Top 1

1 – Fallout 4

The Best 'Fallout' Game to Play After Watching the Show
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Fallout 4 sees players take control of the last surviving member of a small family. Seeing the bombs drop firsthand the player and their family are rushed quickly inside of a vault. Only to be frozen in some cryogenic pods. Years later, many years later, someone comes and unfreezes them. Only to shoot your partner and steal your child as your helpless to do nothing but scream out and watch as you freeze again.

Gameplay takes a more action heavy approach than New Vegas and 3. This is what I love about it but some hardcore fans don’t. Paired with the unrivalled armour and weapon customization, dynamic characters and quests, and the whole building system and you have an amazing game you will spend countless hours in.