Best Saint’s Row Games Ranked!

Intro – Best Saint’s Row Games Ranked

Saint’s Row is by far one of the most popular games to deviate itself from just being another GTA Clone. I have played every game in the series, some multiple times. With Saint’s Row 3 being the game I have completed the most times over (8) on various systems. It is with a heavy heart that I think what will become of the franchise’s future. So deciding to focus on the addictive gameplay and enthralling characters, here are the Best Saint’s Row Games Ranked!

Saint’s Row Games Ranked: 6 – Agents of Mayhem

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Agents of Mayhem takes place in one of the story endings of Saint’s Row 4. The one being where the universe is rebooted. It takes a very big influence from anime, with the whole story and cinematics trying to replicate its own Saint’s Row anime. Instead of following the iconic Saint’s however we controlled various characters, some reimagined Saint’s, in customizable teams of three. This did feel fresh but unneeded in the titular franchise which begs the question why didn’t they just make it its own thing?

The game underperformed and can be seen as one of the reasons Volition shut down recently. 

You can purchase Agents of Mayhem on Steam.

Best Saint’s Row Games Ranked – Top 5

Saint’s Row Games Ranked: 5 – Saint’s Row (2022)

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The actual reboot of the franchise, 2022’s Saint’s Row although rich in gameplay felt hollow without our iconic characters. The absence of Daniel Dae Kim’s Jonny Gat was one that was surely felt. He even made his way into Agents of Mayhem, so it was puzzling to see him isolated from this. The cast we received were hollow silhouettes of the characters that came before. It felt like a weird blend of Watch Dogs and Saint’s Row. Something that just missed the magic of the originals.

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Although, I did love the inclusion of the cat, and how they managed to retain a strong female lead within the gang’s dynamic.

You can purchase Saint’s Row (2022) on Steam.

Saint’s Row Games Ranked: 4 – Saints Row

The start of it all, Saint’s Row was released in 2006. It followed the player character as he joins the ranks of the Third Street Saints. The story follows the player rising up the ranks and eventually getting setup. Climaxing in a seemingly fatal boat explosion. Only to be revealed to be alive and in prison in the next game. Setting up the masterpiece that is Saint’s Row 2’s opening mission.

Best Saint’s Row Games Ranked – Top 3

Saint’s Row Games Ranked: 3 – Saint’s Row 4

4 fun things you didn't know about 'Saints Row IV'
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Originally planned as a Saint’s Row 3 expansion before being developed into something bigger. The game follows the Boss becoming President of the United States of America. It doesn’t last long however as Aliens invade and kidnap the entirety of the Saint’s.

The evil alien mastermind later blows up earth and imprisons the Boss in an AI simulation. The Boss is tasked with breaking the other Saint’s free while fighting the Alien mastermind. All be it with some help from the superpowers. I did like how fresh the gameplay was, however, I didn’t like it as much as the other entries. I don’t find myself going back to Saint’s Row IV as often as some of the others.  

You can purchase Saint’s Row IV on Steam.

Saint’s Row Games Ranked: 2 – Saint’s Row 2

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Saint’s Row 2 was one of my first games on my 360. I fell in love with the ability to add spikes to your car’s wheels, something that would become a staple of the franchise. The added customization compared to, at the time, GTA was something I much preferred. I hated how cars you would have with you so long in GTA was so easily lost or damaged and that you could only change the colour of your car. The pesky Tetris like parking to get your cars in was horrible.

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Fortunately, in Saint’s Row 2 you just drove the vehicle into your garage and would be added to the seemingly infinite space in your garage. Also, have I mentioned that opening mission? Jail break withing the first minute of gameplay! It was unbelievable and still to this day is my favourite opener of any game!

You can purchase Saint’s Row 2 on Steam.

Best Saint’s Row Games Ranked – Top 1

Saint’s Row Games Ranked: 1 – Saint’s Row the Third

Saints Row 3 - Intro & Mission 1 Gameplay - YouTube
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One of my all-time favourite games, Saint’s Row the Third is hands down the best of the franchise. This was the game where the series finally found the perfect balance of comedy and action. Allowing itself to be taking more seriously as its own property rather than just a GTA clone. The story follows the Boss as he takes over Steelwater. The only bad thing I can say about the game is that they killed off Gat early. In the opening mission early. With it being entirely of screen as well. This felt like a sucker punch to longtime fans. We had seen the character Johnny Gat grow over the franchise and to not even see his death, it hurt.

Yet the game delivered so well on everything else this absolute betrayal wasn’t felt that badly. Gat did return in the form of a callable homie. Even appearing in zombie form!

You can purchase Saint’s Row the Third here on Steam.

Summary – Best Saint’s Row Games Ranked

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Lasting 16 years the franchise has delivered us 6 games in total. I have given my opinions on which I believe to be the best and why but be sure to let me know your opinion below!

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