DC Characters we NEED in Injustice 3!

Intro – DC Characters we Need in Injustice 3

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With Mortal Kombat 1 exploding onto the scene recently NRS fans know Injustice 3 must be next! The temptation of pitting your favourite DC superheroes against each other is just too good not to give into a third time around. So, with that being said here are 7 DC characters we need in Injustice 3!

DC Characters we Need in Injustice 3 – Top 7

DC Characters we Need in Injustice 3: 7 – Swamp Thing

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Starting with a returning character and my personal main from Injustice 2- Swamp Thing. Being selected as the champion of the green Swamp Thing is mantle passed onto champion to champion with each selected person becoming Swamp Thing. I think he was kind of shoehorned into Injustice’s 2 story but why not actually give him so credibility in it? After all he is a massive protector of the natural world like Poison Ivy so it would be good to see these two have a better partnership than in Injustice 2.

As for abilities and moves Swamp Thing’s powers lend themselves perfectly to being able to create memorable moves. Like Groot Swamp Thing can control his body and make his limbs grow and shrink. He is even capable of fully regenerating himself from the smallest spec of greenery. Once in the comics sprouting from a bit of greenery stuck on a rabbit’s tooth.

DC Characters we Need in Injustice 3: 6 – Blue Beetle

Here's What 'Blue Beetle' Needs To Gross To Beat The DCEU Box Office Curse
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Another returning character here, Blue Beetle has recently had their cinematic debut in Blue Beetle (2023). Starring none other than the next gen Karate Kid himself -. It would be cool to see if we could even get a movie costume tie in where we have the actor reprise his role for the game. Blue Beetle brought his bubbly personality to Injustice 2 and with Firestorm provided much needed comedic breaks. The pair really were the heart and soul of the game.

Blue Beetle gets his powers from a scarab that attaches itself to his back. Granting abilities such as arm cannons, the ability to fly, and more. He definitely has the powers and abilities to bring an iconic move set to life and to be unique enough to stand out in the roster.

DC Characters we Need in Injustice 3 – Top 5

DC Characters we Need in Injustice 3: 5 – Orca

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Our first new character here, Orca has a more prominent role in the tie-in comic series. In which she has engaged in a romantic relationship with Killer Croc, one that resulted in the pair expecting a child. Orca’s and Killer Croc’s story in the comics is one of the most entertaining and memorable to feature in it. Personally I have wanted these two and their story brought into the game for a while now but maybe NRS think a croc/orca hybrid might just be too weird.

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DC Characters we Need in Injustice 3: 4 – Kite Man

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Yes you read that correctly, Kite Man! I know he is a joke character of sorts having his most memorable appearances before recently be in the animated shows and Lego games. However, he has since received a bit of a glow up, his laughable goofball personality being something people just become enamoured with. He has recently seen his popularity go up due to his frequent appearances in the Harley Quinn series and has even been given his own spin-off!

Plus every fighting game has that one kind of jokey character at least, Kite Man can be Injustice 3’s. His expansive arsenal of Kites and other technology would definitely bring unique powers and abilities to the roster.

DC Characters we Need in Injustice 3 – Top 3

DC Characters we Need in Injustice 3: 3 – Clayface

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Clayface is one of the most memorable characters of my childhood. I fell in love with his back story in the animated Batman series. Loved his wacky personality in the Lego games and recently loved his inclusion in an otherwise lacklustre Gotham Knights. Yet I still don’t think Clayface has been imagined to his full potential, one I think a fighting game could harness. His unique claylike abilities and powers bring could be brought to life in a very memorable move set. He could even split into two and fight on either side of the opponent, with your inputs accounting for both bodies. The limitations are truly limited by NRS’s creativity, he truly is a game developers heaven.

DC Characters we Need in Injustice 3: 2– Killer Croc

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As mentioned previously Killer Croc plays a much bigger roles in the comics than the games and that is a real shame. He is up there in a lot of DC fans top villain lists and is overall a very interesting character. With Killer Croc actually having some sort of disability that made him take the appearance of a human/crocodile hybrid before science enhanced this. Of course as many comic characters have, Killer Croc has multiple back stories and multiple iterations leaving NRS freedom on which version they wish to bring to the roster. Of course with Killer Croc comes Gotham’s sewers and they would make an incredible stage.

DC Characters we Need in Injustice 3 – Top 1

DC Characters we Need in Injustice 3: 1 – King Shark

The Suicide Squad: King Shark would be "screwed" in real-life, explains  marine biologist - BBC Science Focus Magazine
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King Shark first appeared as villain for Superboy but has since developed into a larger character. With him going toe to toe with Aquaman, Amanda Waller, and Batman to name a few. Of course being a king of the ocean he rivals mostly with Aquaman these days but has spent a lot of time incarcerated working for Wallers’ Suicide Squad. King Shark has exploded in popularity in the last 10 years, with him featuring in animated movies voiced by Bender (DiMaggio), in The Flash TV series, and of course the new and improved The Suicide Squad helmed by Gunn.

As for gameplay he would of course be one of the heftier hitters of the roster and handle similar to Solomon Grundy, or Doomsday. With limited mobility but heavy hitting attacks he might finally just appear in Injustice 3!

Summary – DC Characters we Need in Injustice 3

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In summary these are 7 DC characters we need in Injustice 3! I have tried selecting a range of villains, with only two appearing on a roster before and with me only selecting a few Batman villains. But let’s be honest that was always going to happen when you have the best rogue’s gallery in comic history! Let me know below who you would like to see in Injustice 3’s roster.

Injustice: Gods Among Us and Injustice 2 are available on Steam



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