Guest Characters We NEED in Injustice 3

With Injustice 3 likely the next game NeverRealm Studios releases many fans are starting to speculate who may appear in the roster. With many DC fan favourites still awaiting their Injustice debut, just who will make it in the roster remains a mystery. However, today we will put the DC characters aside as we talk about 7 guest characters we NEED in Injustice 3…

Guest Characters We NEED in Injustice 3 – Top 7

Injustice 3 Guest Character 7 – Lucifer (Lucifer TV Series)

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Spawning from Neil Gammon’s Sandman comic series for DC’s Vertigo imprint, Lucifer the TV show features a new take on the character. Seeing him be a consultant to the LAPD. The show survived being cancelled and still to this day pops into the Top 10 list on Netflix. Tom Ellis’s portrayal of the character is very whimsical and energetic. Think of a joker personality but much more anti-hero than villain.

Lucifer possesses super strength, Devil Face, wings, and more. Which all add variety to a potential move set. You could even have Tom Ellis return to voice the titular character.

Injustice 3 Guest Character 6 – Tremor (Mortal Kombat)

Analysis of Tremor - The STRONGEST Character in MKX - YouTube
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Shifting now to someone who possesses more traditional superhero powers, Tremor has the ability to control rocks, gold, and other minerals. This ability could perfectly rival characters that have elemental type powers such as Shazam, Black Lighting, and others.

Tremor’s appearance also lends itself to the superhero genre with his cloak/hood and mouthpiece always covering his face. Recently Tremor has spiked in popularity due to his appearance in Mortal Kombat Legends: Snow Blind (2022) which perfectly showcased his powers and abilities.

Guest Characters We NEED in Injustice 3 – Top 5

Injustice 3 Guest Character 5 – Bigby/ The Big Bad Wolf (Fables)

fear makes the wolf bigger than he is
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Now for one of my favourite characters of all time- Bigby. The Big Bad Wolf has turned Sheriff in the series Fables. As he struggles to keep the anger of the beast subdued as he uncovers citywide conspiracies and solves murders. With Wolf Among Us Season 2 due to be releasing soon this might be an excellent way to advertise it.

Bigby might look like a regular bloke but don’t be so dumb to treat him as such. If you find yourself pushing on his last nerve the Sheriff will turn into his more traditional form, that of the Big Bad Wolf. Equipped with dagger like teeth, thick sharp claws, and growing in size. He quickly becomes nightmare fuel.

Injustice 3 Guest Character 4 – Cassidy (Preacher)

Preacher Finally Reveals How Cassidy Became A Vampire
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The sarcastic Vampire, Cassidy, would be a brilliant addition from the Preacher IP to join Injustice 3’s roster. With The Preacher TV show now finished it would be a good time to dip into the cast of characters and get one to do a cameo on another WB property. Cassidy I think would be good to add a bit of variety to the roster. I was thinking of adding the titular Preacher, but he seems too similar to characters like Constantine, so Cassidy would guarantee to be the most diverse addition.

Cassidy possesses beyond human speed, agility, and strength. All though lacks any traditional fighting training; he would be able to still come toe to toe with some of the superheroes on the Injustice 3 roster. Although this addition is more for depth and to add some unique moves and a memorable move set, rather than someone who could actually KO Superman.

Guest Characters We NEED in Injustice 3 – Top 3

Injustice 3 Guest Character 3 – Invincible (Invincible)

Invincible - Plugged In
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Mark Grayson aka Invincible is the titular character of Rober Kirkman’s superhero comic series. Voiced by Glen from The Walking Dead, Stephen Yeun, he is the son of Mortal Kombat 1’s guest character Omni-Man and would make the perfect offset. With Injustice, the lighter of the two games, getting the hero, whilst MK, the more mature, gets the villain of the story.

Mark Grayson as a character can draw several parallels from Dick Grayson, the first Robin and now Nightwing. With the biggest difference of the two is that Invincible’s idol was revealed to be a homicidal psychopath who saw his mother as a “pet.” Invincible’s powers would lend themselves greatly to a Superman esque move set.

Injustice 3 Guest Character 2 – Shao Khan (Mortal Kombat)

Buy Shao Kahn | Xbox
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Back in Outworld for our second to last pick for none other than the diabolical, powerhouse, genius Shao Khan. The iconic boss, that first appeared in MK2, has recently been demoted to a General in MK1’s story however it would great if we saw MK11’s Shao to somehow end up in Injustice 3.

His powerhouse attacks could rival characters like Doomsday, Solomon Grundy, Swamp Thing, and other brutish, big characters. If Injustice 3 brings back swappable items like in Injustice 2 and Mortal Kombat 11 and 1, we could see Shao have his axe and hammer be interchangeable.

Guest Characters We WANT in Injustice 3 – Top 1

Injustice 3 Guest Character 1 – Shredder (TMNT)

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 Last game we were lucky enough to get the TMNT’s as DLC. Even better we got four characters for the price of one, being able to swap out which TMNT we thought as via costumes. However, now we have opened up a connection to the TMNT universe there is so many more awesome characters we could get. Bebop and Rocksteady come to mind but there is one that just can’t be beat- Shredder!

The leader of the Foot Clan and metal armour wearing samurai with clawed arms. His appearance is iconic to most of the world. His armour and martial arts prowess would blend into a marvellous move set that would be satisfying to use.

Summary – Guest Characters We NEED in Injustice 3

Invincible movie: Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg and The Walking Dead's Robert  Kirkman to make comic adaptation | The Independent | The Independent
Image Source: The Independent

There you have it, there was 7 Guest Characters we NEED in Injustice 3. Not satisfied with these, let me know in the comments who you would suggest? Would you pull more from Vertigo, or would you give that entire side a miss and go elsewhere?

INJUSTICE 3 Wishlist - ROSTER MOST WANTED. Answer our prayers, Lord Boon! :  r/INJUSTICE
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Injustice: Gods Among Us and Injustice 2 are available on Steam



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