Marvel Ultimate Alliance Games Ranked

Marvel Ultimate Alliance has taken its rightful place as one of the best superhero game series of all time. Both of the originals hit it out of the park. Providing players with gripping stories, a massive roster of playable characters, and of course alternate costumes. Sadly, when a third installment was finally announced fans were understandably a bit annoyed it was a Nintendo Switch exclusive. Here’s hoping we will finally have a fourth installment that releases on all platforms. As if you find yourself craving some MUA gameplay you will have to ship out a fork load of money, with Steam keys and physical discs being very sought after. With that being said, lets take a look at the Marvel Ultimate Alliance games ranked…..

Marvel Ultimate Alliance Games Ranked: Top 3

3 – Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order

MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE 3: The Black Order for Nintendo Switch - Nintendo  Official Site
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The third installment into the franchise, and the only one to be exclusive to a single console, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order released to mixed fan reception. The story was bland compared to the other two. Instead of being inspired by creativity it seemed driven by the Infinity Saga and they shoe horned Thanos and the Black Order into it. It was also a sequel only in mechanics and gameplay as it completely disregarded the stories and continuity of the other games. Making it seem like a replacement rather than a new addition. Personally, the lack of alternative costumes annoyed me. That plus what seemed like a limited roster.

The game did have some things going for it though. Gameplay was swift and fluid providing an engagingly fun experience. It just lacked the soul of the first two games. Hopefully, we will finally get a proper sequel to the first two games at some point. As that is what the biggest problem for MUA3 was. It just wasn’t a sequel. It was a reboot. When fans want a series continued. They want that SERIES continued. Not an imitation of it.

2 – Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

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Taking heavy inspiration from Civil War and Dark Avengers, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 sees the player take sides of an impending conflict. One that will see all the superheroes split into one of two teams before proceeding to fight each other. Depending on which side you choose dictates what your starting roster of characters is, as well as the bosses you face. The game offers extreme value for money as some missions, characters, and bosses are entirely unique to each time. Now a days this would be sold as DLC or as a standalone add-on. Fortunately, the developers of MUA2 spoiled us rotten. Providing a vast roster of characters, impressive boss fights, an enthralling story, and more playable villains.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance Games Ranked: Top 1

1 – Marvel Ultimate Alliance

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The one that started it all, Marvel Ultimate Alliance grew on the previous gameplay mechanics introduced in the X-Men Legends games. This time broadening the scope and including the vast majority of popular heroes. Featuring a playable roster that featured characters from the Avengers, Fantastic Four, X-Men, and more. Each had four costumes in total. Allowing you to customize your squad even more to your liking. I found myself spending hours searching for the hidden collectables to unlock hidden characters such as Thor. Then spent hours playing as the characters to unlock their alternate costumes.

The story sees Dr. Doom take on the role of main antagonist, with the Player having to go to Latvia by the end of the game, to take the fight to Doom. Unlike the many poor Fantastic Four films, Marvel Ultimate Alliance actually does the beloved character justice. He’s charismatic, engaging, and above all a credible threat.


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