Mysterious Pokémon Forms That Exist But Haven’t Been Seen Yet

Pokémon, the juggernaut of pop culture, has been going for nearly 30 years. With the first games Red and Green releasing in Japan in 1996. The series has since been a staple of Nintendo’s catalogue and has been the sole reason many gamers are turned onto Nintendo. With each new generation bringing new Pokémon, new evolutions, new items, and most of all new Pokedex entrees. Entries that let on that we haven’t seen everything, and that some Pokémon are hiding all different forms somewhere in the wild. Here are several Pokémon that have been directly referenced yet we are still waiting to see them in the games…

Mysterious Pokémon Forms That Exist But Haven’t Been Seen Yet: Top 4

4 – Magikarp

Pokemon Ancient Magikarp 4
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One of the most popular Pokémon, Magikarp, is based on Japanese folklore. A myth where a Karp makes its way up a waterfall only to be turned into a dragon. With Magikarp resembling the weak carp and the evolved Gyarados being the dragon inspired end product. But did you know there was another Magikarp form we still haven’t seen? First referenced in a Pokédex entry. The entry reads that ancient Magikarp was a fierce and respected Pokémon, unlike its modern counterpart. Hopefully with the prequel spin-offs and time travel being introduced, we might finally see this form.7

Mysterious Pokémon Forms That Exist But Haven’t Been Seen Yet: Top 3

3 – Crawdant

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Crawfish and Crawdant are referenced to have been imported from another region as pets. Before eventually making their way into the wild. So, is form we know really its regional variant? Will we ever see the original Crawfish. Crawdant has a star on its head that’s referenced to have been evolved due to the native Sharkpedos. So does original Crawdant have another feature? One of the local predator Pokémon of its native region? Hopefully one day we will see.

2 – Shellos

Shellos Pokédex: stats, moves, evolution & locations | Pokémon Database
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Now for a bit of a bland mystery. Shellos has been confirmed to have different colors based on the sea its from. So, does other regions consist of even more colorful Shellos? It’s something to ponder. But since we have had Shellos in multiple regions now and not seen anything more than the usual pink and blue variants, it seems unlikely. Perhaps this was something Game Freak added to give the Pokémon story context but had since decided against implementing it.

Mysterious Pokémon Forms That Exist But Haven’t Been Seen Yet: Top 1

1 – The 3 Legendary Beasts

Explaining Legendary Beasts Theory. | Pokémon Amino
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Suicune, Raikou, and Entei are all legendary Pokémon of generation 2. Having been transformed into their legendary forms by being trapped in a burning building. Instead of dying however they were transformed into the three legendary beasts. After this the beasts took important roles in the Pokémon mythos, with Suicune in particular being the most prominent. Yet we still haven’t seen what the original Pokémon were. Some speculated it was either three Eevee or it’s 1st generation Eeveelutions. However, in the animated special showing this story play out the three Pokémon look nothing like Eevee or its evolutions. Perhaps we were never meant to see their original forms and they will simply stay a mystery.


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That’s our mysterious Pokémon forms that we are still waiting to see in the games, can you think of anymore that we missed? Let us know down below in the comments and we may just do a part 2!

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