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Red Faction, coming from developers Volition had a unique gameplay mechanic compared to other FPSs of the time- destructible environments. Something that would explode in popularity in games like Just Cause and Battlefield first appeared in Red Faction. With this unique mechanic allowing the player to think of creative ways around the challenges the game pitted them against. But what are the best Red Faction games? Here are the Red Faction Games Ranked…

Red Faction Games Ranked 4 – Red Faction 2

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The original sequel to the series, Red Faction 2 released in 2002. It had a new setting on Earth rather than the iconic Mars and the gameplay had an increased focus on action. You play as Alias, introduced as a explosives expert. Which is fitting for the game known for its destructive environments. Emphasizing straight away to the player the utter freedom that can be found in utilizing this mechanic. The game follows you and the Red Faction try to take on the antagonist of the game Molov.

Shifting from the abundance of stealth sections of the first game to more action heavy gameplay worked well with the game’s mechanics. Allowing the developers to expand on the vehicular combat that was a big selling point of the initial Red Faction.

Red Faction Games Ranked 3 – Red Faction Armageddon

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Taking place on Mars 50 years after RF: Guerrilla, the game follows Darius Mason, a descendant of the previous games’ Alec Mason. Gameplay however reverts to the series roots going back to being more of a linear shooter. With most missions taking place in a complex underground tunnel system, making the game feel a bit more like Red Faction Metro.

I did however enjoy playing through the game, the story had a good setup that initially pulled me in. Then the gameplay was satisfactory enough for me to finish the game. The destructive environment and the creative weapons being the more enjoyable of the games features. The enemy design was impressive aswell even if it was a shift from the usual human vs human combat. However, you do end up missing the open world gameplay and freedom that Guerilla provided. One thing the game is arguably more memorable for is killing the franchise due to its poor sales, as THQ announced in 2011.

Red Faction Games Ranked 2 – Red Faction

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Red Faction was the debut of the series. Taking place on Mars you played as a miner called Parker who helps lead the rebellion against the Ultor Corporation. Released in 2001 the game sold over 1 million copies by 2002. Parker witnesses the start of the rebellion after undertaking his routine duties. Parker tries to escape via a shuttle with the help of Hendrix, but it leaves before he can board. Luckily for Parker as it is wiped out by missiles a few moments later.

Stuck with no way out Parker traverses through the Ultor complex eliminating any threat that faces him. Eventually killing the games antagonists Capek and Masako, stops a bomb from detonating and sends a distress signal to the EDF.

Red Faction Games Ranked 1 – Red Faction Guerrilla

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The best game of the series, Red Faction: Guerrilla is a destructive sandbox that could make Just Cause jealous. Featuring outstanding, for the time and still today, destructive mechanics and physics that just made blowing stuff up more addictive than anything else on Mars.

The game follows Alec Mason as he helps the rebellion fight back against the oppressive Earth Defense Force (EDF). Originally allies in the first game they have since turned heel and pose as the games antagonists. Turning to the open-world genre the game finally had room to stretch the legs of the destructible environments mechanic that was the series true selling point. Allowing the player to choose to do missions and follow the story or just go round blowing up EDF’s facilities and watching them crumble.

Recently the game also received a remaster called Red Faction: Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered Edition, which brings the destructive mayhem to a whole new audience.  

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