Superhero Fighting Games Ranked

We all love our superheroes, be them DC, Marvel or from another imprint or universe. But nothing ever beat the sensation we got of pitting our own matchups against each other as we acted out battles with our figures. Yet superhero fighting games allow you to do such a thing and in a way that is such much more rewarding. Now with that being said let’s have a look at my top 5 Superhero fighting games.

5 – Marvel VS Capcom Infinite

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The latest of offerings to spawn from the Capcom and Marvel crossover franchise, Marvel Capcom Infinite released in 2018. The game received mixed reviews with fans backlashing at the downsizing from 3vs3 fights to 2vs2 and the animation of the story cutscenes. Despite all the backlash the gameplay was solid and had enough about it to differ from my go to at the time-Injustice. The games story had an interesting premise but doesn’t contain anything worth remembering. A couple years on all I remember is Ultron was combined with Sigma and Chris Redfield rescued someone from prison.

The disappointing story plus the limited character size and the downgrade from 3vs3 to 2vs2 meant I spent little time on this one. Preferring to go back and sink more hours into the superior superhero crossover- Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom: 3.

4 – Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom: 3  

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Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom: 3  is the ultimate crossover fighting game (other than smash bros), it brings the two iconic rosters of Capcom and Marvel together in a very well designed character selection screen. With left being Capcom and right being Marvels superhero roster. Many fan favorites appear as well such as Deadpool, X23, Dante, Frank West, and many, many more! The gameplay is very approachable as well.  With the game offering two differing play styles that alter the difficulty of inputting combos. The arcade mode is topped off with a great boss battle, in which you fight Galactus! In by far one of my favorite fighting game boss fights of all time!

The arcade mode will tempt you back again and again, via cinematics you obtain for winning. These cinematics feature your winning character and what happens next for them. Usually featuring other characters and sometimes different universes. Such as Hulk’s ending in which he goes Resident Evil, working alongside Chris Redfield.

3  – X-Men: Next Dimension

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For me X-Men: Next Dimension will forever hold a special place in my heart. For it was my second X-Men game I had ever played/been bought. And if I’m being honest the first I could actually play without rage quitting. After falling in love with the frustration that was Toad in X-Men Mutant Academy I was hooked on mutant-on-mutant combat! It was my first superhero game for my PS2 and promptly started my love for them. A love that would soon put me onto the other classic title- Spiderman 2 for the PS2. I loved playing as characters I saw on my TV as I was a avid fan of the 90s animated show.

The graphics are decent for the time and the game expanded the roster of X-Men: ND. Increasing from a measly four playable characters (with an additional two being console exclusives not available on the PS1). Which ensured I could cycle through the characters and play which ever one had grabbed my interest more at that time. I was obsessed with the stage transitions. Since the only fighting games I had played other than this and X-Men ND, was an early Dragonball game. I had never witnessed the pure gameplay joy that they provided. The pure excitement of finally beating Toad and slamming him through a stage transition was indescribable.

2 – Injustice: Gods Amongst Us

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Injustice for me is a perfect example of when stars align in the gaming industry. With my all-time favourite fighting game developers, NetherRealm Studios, developing a story in which the DC heroes are at war. The comic series that spun out of this was incredible and is one that still ranks highly in my recommendations. Story is short but sweet with it being able to be completed in around 5-6 hours. Yet was enthralling and kept me entertained throughout. I would have liked some more variety in the roster. With a lot of the villains being Batman ones. Which isn’t bad but when it’s the same Batman villains in every game it starts getting stale.

The limited roster did however offer quite a range of variety when it came to play styles. You could choose Aquaman and utilize his reach, or Green Arrow and utilize your arrows to keep distance from you opponent. Combat was fluid and rewarding, the special attack animations were creative and were truly spectacles of animation. Countless hours was spent battling my brothers in split screen and I still dip back into Injustice every year or two, just to experience the story again.

1 – Injustice 2

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Continuing on the mammoth success that was the first Injustice, WB commissioned NRS to follow it up. Injustice 2 released in 2017, was an expanded offering compared to the first game. With ever changing multiverse towers, there was always and still is a new challenge awaiting for you each day. The roster was expanded and received more DLC this time round. Another welcome addition/change was the inclusion of Flash villains. Most probably due to the rise in fame due to the CW show, the added variety doesn’t go unnoticed.

With all the new characters a couple of important ones from the comics was still left absent, such as Orca and Killer Croc. We finally however got a bit more development in the story department with being given the option between which of two heroes we fight as in selected chapters. The added inclusion of gear also allowed players to creatively customize their fighters, all be it very limitedly. This was because each gear was separate and didn’t really offer much variety, this was an issue that was made even worse in Mortal Kombat 11.

Image Source: Ars Technica

However, with all the negatives, there is a great story, with more characters included. Such as fan favorites Swamp Thing, Captain Cold, and Firestorm. Injustice 2 also had very impressive DLC characters. Which included the TMNT, and Hellboy.

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