The Best Survival Games Ranked

Survival Games Ranked

Everyone loves a good survival game, something that best emulates Naked and Afraid without actually doing it ourselves. From exploring the depths of the ocean, to the deadly jungles of the Amazon, and more, survival games have boomed in popularity over the last decade and have become one of the most popular genres of games today. But which are the best? This is what we look to answer in: Survival Games Ranked….

Survival Games Ranked Top 7

Number 7: Raft

🌊RAFT INSANE 9 PEOPLE MULTIPLAYER MADNESS !! Raft Survival Multiplayer  Gameplay S2Ep1 - YouTube
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Raft takes some of what Stranded Deep great, the sharks, open world ocean survival and then applies it to the restricted space of a Skyblock Minecraft challenge. The result is a claustrophobic survival game where an endless wave of sharks try to nibble away at your ever expanding raft. Luckily, the sharks only appear one at a time and only one comes per day, but the frustration felt when they take out the newly added piece of raft is unmeasurable. The game features survival staple mechanics such as fishing, farming, and crafting.

You’re not just restricted to life on the raft however as you can come across islands you can explore, abandoned ships, and even explore the ocean floor. These come later on in the game however once you have scavenged some blueprints and made the required equipment/materials.

Raft on Steam
Image Source: Steam

You can purchase Raft on Steam.

Number 6: Green Hell

Meta Quest 2: Green Hell uses Meta's powerful new rendering technology
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Green Hell is probably the survival game most like Naked and Afraid as you are placed into the Amazon rainforest. One of the fewer survival games to actually include a story you can follow a couple of scientists explore a long lost tribe. When your partner loses contact with you, your forced to survive alone whilst looking for her. Surviving the Amazon will see you relying on your wits, reactions, and botany skills as you scavenge for berries to eat whilst trying to avoid becoming any animals’ dinner.

You can purchase Green Hell on Steam.

Survival Games Ranked: Top 5

Number 5: 7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die patch notes | What's changed in the latest update? | Radio  Times
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7 Days to Die is a zombie, open world survival game in which every 7 days a massive wave of zombies swarm your location. This heavily promotes base building and being creative in finding ways to kill the horde. Traps can be built in a variety of ways, with building akin to Minecraft imagination is truly the only limit to the player. Developers are still updating 7 Days to Die meaning the game is still getting better and better with each passing year. If you haven’t tried it yet, either online or on your own, 7 Days to Die is a must play for any survival game fan!

You can purchase 7 Days to Die on Steam.

Number 4: The Forest

The Forest
Image Source: PlayStation

The Forest starts with a bang, as you and your son’s plan crashes in an unknown forest. You awaken only to see some strange humanoid take your son from you before you slip into unconsciousness. Once awake you exit the plane and start your epic challenge to survive whilst searching for your lost son. Taking on any cannibals you find along the way and invading their bases within caves you slowly uncover the fate of your son. The game has some of the best bas building mechanics in any survival game, I loved the treehouses, the big spiked fences, and of course the lifesavers- the sledges!

You can purchase The Forest on Steam.

Survival Games Ranked: Top 3

Number 3: Stranded Deep

Stranded Deep
Image Source: PlayStation Store

Stranded Deep starts off strong as you are plunged into the ocean at night as your plane crashes, filling up with water you need to exit it. Finding refuge among the life raft you climb aboard and fall asleep. When you awake the sun is shining down hard and your face feels burnt. You are stranded amongst several small islands with no way home. Unless you make one.

Tasking players to find a way to leave the islands Stranded Deep is a survival game you can actually finish. But why would you want to when you can explore shipwrecks, coral reefs, fight a Megalodon or a Kraken and more! It is by far one of my favourite shark games of all time for how realistic they programmed the sharks. With the Great Whites in particular hunting like they do in real life. Watching for a while to suddenly vanish in a blink of an eye, only to reappear ramming you from below.

Stranded Deep Switch -
Image Source: DiscoAzul

You can purchase Stranded Deep on Steam.

Number 2: Ark Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved
Image Source: PlayStation Store

Ark Survival Evolved sees players, either online or offline, wake up to find themselves in a strange land populated by creatures that have long been extinct. With some creatures even being thought to be myths or legends but are seen in the flesh in Ark. Allowing the unique concept of taming dinosaurs and other animals, some of which you can even build mobile bases on, is indeed entertaining. From taming Megalodons to Wyverns, to T-Rex’s there’s a pet for everyone’s needs and wants!

These are just some reasons why Ark is arguably the most popular survival game of all time! Here’s hoping Ark 2 will just be as good.

You can purchase ARK Survival Evolved on Steam.

Survival Games Ranked: Top 1

Number 1: Subnautica

Subnautica on Steam
Image Source: Steam

Subnautica hits the ground running, in what seemingly became a trend in survival games, with a crash landing. As the player crash lands in an escape pod on an unknown alien world seemingly covered entirely by water. With the player tasked with catching fish for water and food, as well as exploring the vast depths to uncover secrets and blueprints for vehicles, base modules, and more!

Be careful exploring the depths though as what lurks just out of sight might fuel your nightmares for years to come. The Leviathan Reaper is nothing short of petrifying and even made it onto our terrifying creatures list.

Subnautica on Steam
Image Source: Steam

You can purchase Subnautica on Steam.


The Best Survival Games For Beginners
Image Source: The Gamer

So, there’s our top 7 Survival games at least for now as the genre is still seeing yearly releases who say’s these will still be the best next year. Which do you prefer? Did we leave it off the list, let us know below in the comments!


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