Video Games That NEED Sequels!

Video Games That NEED Sequels

Intro – Video Games That NEED Sequels

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As many of you know many games come and go and so many are just left on unfinished cliffhangers. Maybe not even a cliffhanger maybe the world just still has so much more to offer. We all have that special game or two that never got the continuation it needed, that we needed! So with that being said here are 7 Video Games that NEED Sequels!

Video Games That NEED Sequels: 7 – Dino Crisis

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Dino Crisis spawned as a spin-off/spiritual successor to the original Resident Evil games. With the main change being it swapped parasitic zombies for dinosaurs. The gameplay handled similar to Resident Evil, and it had a cult following. A sequel was meant to be in the works some time ago, yet it never materialized.

Hopefully, with the increased popularity of the Resident Evil series recently Dino Crisis can be given another go. As it has been shown there is a large market for that type of game, and they also do well critically. With the last two mainline games (7 & Village) and last four remakes (1,2,3, & 4) have received favourable reviews.

The last game in the series, Dino Crisis 3 released back in 2003.

Video Games That NEED Sequels: 6 – Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Review |
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Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag is by far still many fans favourite of the long going series. It has one of the most entertaining and likable protagonists in Edward Kenway. However, we never got a sequel in game form. The only form of a sequel we have received so far was the standalone DLC- Freedom Cry, and the new Web Toon- Assassin’s Creed: Forgotten Temple.

The ship mechanics and combat were a delightful change of direction for the franchise. With many critics and fans applauding the mechanic so much that Skull & Bones was shortly greenlit. It seems we may never get either however with Skull & Bones in development hell and Assassin’s Creed straying away from the original story points and characters. Choosing to only notice them when it comes to costumes.

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Video Games That NEED Sequels – Top 5

Video Games That NEED Sequels: 5 – Red Faction

Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-Tered' Gets July Release Date
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Red Faction is an iconic franchise that started in the 90’s, developed by beloved, recently demolished, Volition. The franchise’s best outing Red Faction: Guerrilla did receive a recent remaster or how it was titled, Re-Mars-tered. Red Faction has always included destructible environments since its inception. With the key unique selling point of the franchise being this incredibly fun gameplay mechanic. Think Battlefield 3 destructible environments but in single player campaign- on MARS! It was brilliant.

With this iconic, gameplay feature Red Faction needs to make a comeback. The only question would be who would develop it? Dreams of Volition making Saint’s Row, & Red Faction games back to back sadly died with the company last month. Hopefully, Deep Silver will see the potential cash flow from reviving such a iconic franchise.

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Video Games That NEED Sequels: 4 – Rainbow Six: Vegas

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The original Rainbow Six games included full-blown single player campaigns. These featured great gameplay, enemy AI, tactical gunplay, strategic thinking, and an entertaining story. However, since Rainbow Six: Siege we have sadly said goodbye to the single player aspect of this beloved series. With the only remnant of the single player aspect being Terrorist Hunt, and that could always be done in Co-Op.

As a whole tactical shooters as a genre declined in the 10’s. Beloved household name franchises were stopping to release games, such as Splinter Cell and Operation Flashpoint to name a couple. With Rainbow Six: Siege inspiring interest in the genre again someone needs to capitalise on this and make a full-blown single player outing. Who better than the original kings- Rainbow Six: Vegas.

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Video Games That NEED Sequels – Top 3

Video Games That NEED Sequels: 3 – Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Knights Of The Old Republic 2' game-breaking bug has temporary solution
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Knights of the Old Republic was what put BioWare on the map. Before any controversy with Mass Effect and Anthem they made KOTOR. A world they have delved back into for the MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic. Unfortunately, with Disney purchasing Star Wars these games and their stories and characters became Legends. With Disney choosing to include various Legends aspects later into the new canon, many were left to the wayside.

This is why we need a reboot of the whole franchise but set in the new canon. There is a remaster of the first game being developed yet with sporadic updates and rumours of it being cancelled it is most definitely not a guarantee anything will materialise. So why not just greenlight a whole reboot of that period in time and set it in the new canon. Everybody’s happy and we get the Old Republic in the new canon!

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Video Games That NEED Sequels: 2 – Vampyr

Vampyr skills guide – all the blood-soaked abilities revealed | PCGamesN
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Set in London, England Vampyr follows Army doctor Jonathon Reid return from the war. When arriving he is attacked by a mysterious figure and has an overwhelming hunger overpower him. He craves blood. The doctor who specializes in blood transfusions has just been turned Vampyr. The game had very creative gameplay mechanics such as the district system. That allowed you to nurture relationships with NPCs to get their XP up so when you ate them you would get the most XP possible from them.

The game sets up a sequel as well. With Jonathon regrouping with female Vampyr Charlotte. Where would the series go next? There was a couple of story points that could be followed up on, such as did the Dr find a cure, or even continue looking.

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Video Games That NEED Sequels: 1 – Primal Rage

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Primal Rage was as simply put Mortal Kombat with monsters. Its roster consisted of a Yeti, a raptor, a T-Rex, and more! Debuting back when arcades still existed, Primal Rage is a product of its time. It was very popular both at home, and at the arcade.

Unfortunately, the game was a one and done, with no sequel ever been released even though it was in development. Although with how popular fighting games are getting and the increased popularity of Mortal Kombat, now would be the perfect time for that sequel!

Summary – Video Games That NEED Sequels

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So that was 7 Video Games That NEED Sequels. What games do you think need continuing did we leave out? Let us know below in the comments, and maybe we will touch upon it next time!


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