How They Could Save The ArkhamVerse

The ArkhamVerse has been unceremoniously killed off for the sake of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. Hopefully we can get a retcon soon that saves the continuity and declare Suicide Squad and elseworlds ArkhamVerse. It’s not the strangest of things, and let’s be honest if it meant the return of the true ArkhamVerse we’d all jump abord no problem! With that said here are 3 ways they could continue the ArkhamVerse.

1 – Pass the Mantle

The Damian Wayne Game Looked Better Than Gotham Knights & Suicide Squad
Image Source: Screen Rant

This was the original plan to continue the beloved series. With several plans being pitched and actively developed on before being scrapped for one reason or another. One such game was going to feature Damian Wayne as Batman, taking over after his death. This would have been really interesting and a fresh take we haven’s seen in the gaming medium. However, it was cancelled due to be leaked as the developer was hoping on the surprise factor converting into sales. It’s a shame. It would have been a real opportunity for Warner Bros/DC to show Damian off to a group of fans who may not have heard of him or know much about him. Opening up a whole new audience to the Caped Crusader’s biological heir.

The Game Gotham Knights Almost Was (Cancelled Arkham Damian Wayne Game)
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Of course, we could see the mantle get passed to other heroes. In Arkham Knight alone there is three different candidates: Nightwing, Azrael, and Red Hood. Five even, if you include Red Robin and Batgirl in there. Any of them would have provided with a unique game. Unfortunately, it seemed no-one could decide which one, so they chose 4/5 of them and marched on with Gotham Knights. Unfortunately, due to that game underperforming it might be a while until we see anyone else take on the cowl.  At least in the gaming medium.

2 – Bring Back Batman!

Batman: Arkham Knight on PS4 is a technical tour de force |
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Second option is simply to bring back the bat! They already explained it in Suicide Squad so they can just copy and paste that backstory into the new game. It doesn’t really need to be explained. Although creative writer could capture the opportunity and create a very unique, enthralling tale on how Batman faked his death and developed into the Nightmare Batman. But to be honest we don’t need a massive explanation just bring us back as Batman just set after the events of Arkham Knight. That being said it will be extremely sad to return to ArkhamVerse Batman without the talented Kevin Conroy who has sadly passed away.

3 – Shift the Focus to Another Superhero

Henry Cavill's Superman: A fond, frustrated farewell
Image Source: Entertainment Weekly

Lastly, they could shift the focus to another Superhero. Another Justice League member or even a lesser known hero. The possibilities are endless. Expanding the scope of the ArkhamVerse could be very beneficial to it’s longevity. As it will allow for a lot more stories to be told without it seeming forced. It might also give the DC movie team some more notes they could utilize in their mess of a cinematic universe. Rocksteady did pitch a Superman game a while back. Why not let them finally develop it? WB let them continue the ArkhamVerse for Suicide Squad when the game and it’s story throws away any investment in story that was made through the quadology. Apart from Poison Ivy somehow sprouting a new body all other story or lore has been discarded. Just look at the original ArkhamVerse Deadshot.


So, there was 3 ways they could continue the ArkhamVerse. What did you think, which one’s the better route to take? Do you think it should continue? Let us know in the comments below.