Bargain Bandai Namco Humble Bundle!

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Another months brings another Humble Choice and a selection of Humble Bundles. With this month bringing us one of the better ones of this year, Bandai Namco Fights, Frights, and Fantasy bundle. Bringing us a Bargain Bandai Namco Humble Bundle!

What Games are Included? – Bandai Namco Bundle

SWI PAC-MAN MUSEUM+ for Nintendo Switch : PC & Video Games
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The Bandai Namco Humble Bundle consists of a whopping seven games and two coupons. Coupons included are for 25% off Tales of Arise and 50% off One Piece Odyssey. As for the games you get Bandai Namco’s hit fighting game- Tekken 7. A perfect chance for beginners to get into the franchise before Tekken 8 releases in January. Another game in the bundle is PAC-MAN collection- PAC-MAN Museum, which collects seven Pac-Man games. JRPGS .hack//G.U. Last Recode (remaster) which holds an 87% positive rating on Steam, and Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition.  

Souls like action RPG Code Vein is also included. I for one am excited to finally give this one a try. God Eater 3 which is another game I have been waiting to dive into and finally Katamari Damacy REROLL is the final game included in the Bandai Namco Humble Bundle. All of which is an unbelievable bargain for £8.22.

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You can check the bundle out here!

What Charity Does This Support? – Bandai Namco Humble Bundle

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As with all their bundles Humble partners with a charity and gives so much of the proceeds directly to the charity. You can actually adjust how much of your “donation” goes to Humble, the developers, and the charity. Each bundle even contains a counter of how many bundles have sold and how much has been raised for charity, with people given the option to overpay top donate more to the charity. For this bundle Humble partnered with the charity One Tree Planted.  As of writing, the Bandai Namco Fights, Frights, and Fantasy bundle had raised over £38,000 for One Tree Planted!

How Long Does the Bundle last? – Bandai Namco Humble Bundle

Tekken 7 Review
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Not long! Humble are constantly swapping out their game, book, and software bundles so each is only around for a limited time. Most being two-three weeks. Better move fast to grab this bargain as the Bandai Namco bundle ends on 02/11/23. The bundle is a considerable bargain however coming in at only £8.22, I paid more than that for Tekken 7 alone the other week.



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