EA Brings Back Beloved Classic Games!

EA has been problematic at almost every opportunity. Known for rushing developers, working long hours, cancelling games, and probably worst of all sticking their grubby mitts on what would be world class games only for their meddling to derail it faster than an avalanche. However, this article won’t addressing any of the many things EA has done wrong. Instead for once, we will be focusing on something good done by the publisher. Recently EA has re-released a ton of classic games, we will be going over everything they have rereleased recently. As we go into EA brings back beloved classic games….

A Suprise

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We of course was fully aware of the Battlefront Remaster collection that is dropping later this month. But we had no idea of the other remakes. Announced the same time they hit store fronts, like Steam, the games were surprises to the industry as a whole. Both industry insiders and regular fans was shocked and delighted by the announcement. So, what other games have EA re-released? Let’s get into them now.

Command & Conquer

Command & Conquer Remastered - EA Official Site
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One of the most popular RTS at the time, Command and Conquer was a mainstay for EA.. With the Command & Conquer Ultimate Collection offering 17 games for a measly £9.58, as at the moment it’s on offer (£19.48 at full price). The series was one of the first RTS I ever played. Having played Command & Conquer on my Xbox 360 and SUCKED HARD at it! I only made my way through the first few missions and that was after countless hours of sweat beading down my face as I tried desperately to outsmart the CPU.

Dungeon Keeper

Dungeon Keeper Series - Electronic Arts
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Another iconic series returning is Dungeon Keeper. The dungeon manager games see you build traps to defend your dungeon from invading adventurers. Both the initial game, Dungeon Keeper, and the enhanced Gold Edition of the sequel, Dungeon Keeper 2, are both available now. I picked up Dungeon Keeper 2: Gold Edition the day it released. Always heard things about the game growing up and I’m excited to actually try it out myself. I just wish they added Steam achievements.

Sim City

The joys of creation and destruction in SimCity 2000 | PC Gamer
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One of the most successful games for EA, the original Sim City also returns. Also included us the Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri Planetary Pack, in which you can “explore new frontiers”. Will you be taking this chance to create your very own Metropolis?

The Saboteur

EA Adds Classic Games To Steam Including Delisted Favorite
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Another all-time classic and one which many fans have been asking for a remaster of is The Saboteur. The story takes place in Nazi occupied Paris, with your protagonist being part of the rebellion. Fight back against the Nazi’s and reclaim France!


Populous™ on GOG.com

Lastly we have the Populous series, the only one I haven’t heard of on this list. The games being rereleased are: Populous, Populous: The Beginning, and Populous 2: Trials of the Olympian Gods. The series seems to be a management/strategy game where you act as God. The premise is intriguing, and I loved Godhood! I might have to give these ones a go and see just what made them a gaming phenomenon when they first released.

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