Pokémon Gen 2 Remakes Coming to Switch?

Johto is for many Pokémon fans their favourite region of the beloved popular franchise. I can be named as one of them fans. I loved the second generation, and it was my first “new” Pokémon game I ever played. Starting my lifelong love for the franchise, and monster taming games as a whole. I grew up playing Pokémon and Digimon games. Loving both I always found it hard to pick between the two. Unless you were asking me my favourite game. For that I would easily say Pokémon: Silver. No hesitation. Like many others I was ecstatic with the remakes- HeartGold and SoulSilver. However, years have passed and fans like me can’t wait to go back to Johto. So, when rumors of a new gen 2 remake come about you can’t blame me for getting excited. Let’s look at if Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Remakes are coming.


Rumors are like pigeons there’s always tons of them circling but, do any actually hold weight? Silver and Gold remakes have been rumored for numerous years now but recently the remakes have gained even more fraction within the community. Many fans have speculated that a Johto game would come after Pokémon: Legends Arceus or even after Pokémon: Let’s Go Eevee and Pickachu. A fan has “leaked” on reddit that the final Pokémon games on the Nintendo Switch will be gen 2 remakes. More specifically “Let’s go whooper and Togepi”, this just doesn’t seem plausible one bit sadly. However, despite this “leak” being most likely fake it has kickstarted the community into speculating whether or not Gen 2 remakes will be the last game on Switch.  

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Let’s Go or Legends?

Either Remake Gold and Silver or Give Us a New Pokémon Game Set in Johto
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As aforementioned fans speculated that a Johto game would come after Pokémon: Legends Arceus but unfortunately we are still yet to see a continuation in that style. The Legends spin-off received great reviews from both fans and critics. Both praised the game for its unique innovate take on the Pokémon formula. Another possibility is continuing the Let’s Go spin-offs. Created as a more casual Pokémon game which incorporated several features/mechanics from the highly popular Pokémon Go. Both sold incredibly well so both seem possible. If I had to pick I’d choose Legends over Let’s Go. The unique blend of traditional mechanics/gameplay with the Monster Hunter inspired ones made a truly brilliant game.

Gamefreak’s Silence

Pokemon leaker states Gold and Silver remakes are coming alongside Diamond  and Pearl
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Gamefreak hasn’t commented on the leaks or rumors but since there is a Nintendo Direct rumored to take place this month. Plus, Pokémon day lands on 27th February and is sure to bring some announcements itself. Means it’s highly likely that Gamefreak will address what the future of Pokémon is going to look like. Hopefully we will get a final Pokémon game on switch but with the Switch 2 expecting to be available late this year it’s not definite there will be one.  


Pokémon Gold & Silver Remakes Coming Alongside Diamond & Pearl  Announcement, Says Insider
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What do you think? Do you think the Pokémon Gen 2 remakes leak is real? What do you think the final Pokémon switch game will be, or do you think there won’t be another? Would you prefer a Johto Legends game or a Let’s Go installment? Personally, I would love a remastered collection of the other Mystery Dungeon games.


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