Upcoming Games – November 2023

As were getting close to the Christmas season a lot of us maybe starting to look for the game that headlines our Christmas list. Fear not! Even as early as November we can expect some amazing games! Releasing just in time for Christmas, so here are five Upcoming Games: November…

Upcoming Game – 6: Dredge DLC The Pale Reach

DREDGE - The Pale Reach on Steam
Image Source: Steam

Dredge is guaranteed a spot on my game of the year list. The surprise hit absorbed all my free time and a lot of my time put aside for studying. For the week of its release, I was fully immersed into the Lovecraftian world. I was beyond excited to learn about the first DLC being announced and due to be released on 16th November.

The Pale Reach will take your Dredge adventure into uncharted territory as you explore icy water that hide untold mysteries both alive and not.

You can preorder The Pale Reach DLC here on Steam

Upcoming Games: November – Top 5

Upcoming Game – 5: Persona 5 Tatica

Persona 5 Tactica Officially Revealed, New Details, Screenshots - Persona  Central
Image Source: Persona Central

Coming out on 17th November 2023, Persona 5 Tatica will be available on Xbox Game Pass from day one. The story follows fan-favourite characters, and brand new allies in a brand new adventure. Join the group as your tasked with leading a revolution! With the ability to build your dream squad by assembling your own team of Persona characters to fight the oppressive armies in the series iconic turn-based combat.

You can preorder Persona 5 Tatica on Steam

Upcoming Game – 4: The Day Before

The Day Before - IGN
Image Source: IGN

The Day Before is an upcoming multiplayer open-world survival horror game due to be released on 10th November 2023. Utilizing Unreal Engine 5 the game is developed by Mytona. The developer has faced problems during The Day Before’s development such as the game being pulled from steam in January 2023.

It has faced several setbacks. Most prominently an IP debacle over the name. However, despite all of this the game is due to release on PlayStation, Xbox, and Windows platforms. Let’s hope that all the developers remained passionate and used the delays as an opportunity to add extra polish on a game rumored to be ready a good while ago. 

The Day Before looks to be getting a new name, as November release date  inches closer | Eurogamer.net
Image Source: Eurogamer

Upcoming Games: November – Top 3

Upcoming Game – 3: Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name

Pre-purchase Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name on Steam
Image Source: Steam

Another action-adventure game LaDG will see the series return to its iconic brawler fighter gameplay that the Like a Dragon series has since deviated from. The game’s story takes place between the events of Yakuza 6, Like a Dragon, and Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth. With the game focusing on OG protagonist Kazuma Kiryu and the adventure he sets out on after faking his death. The two Fighting styles that have been announced are Yakuza and Agent. Yakuza style features aggressive fighting similar to Kiryu’s original style from the Yakuza games, Agent style is described by Gematsu as relying on high-tech gadgets.

Set to release on the 9th  November 2023, Like a Dragon: Gaiden will be available on Xbox. PlayStation, and Windows platforms.

Like a Dragon Gaiden Feels Like an Evolution of the Yakuza Franchise | Push  Square
Image Source: Push Square

You can preorder Like a Dragon: Gaiden on Steam

Upcoming Game – 2: WarioWare: Move It!

WarioWare: Move It! - Official Gameplay Trailer | Nintendo Direct 2023 -  YouTube
Image Source: YouTube (IGN)

The latest installment in the ever fun WarioWare series, WarioWare: Move it! Seems to be the long awaited switch debut for the series. Many fans are satisfied with the idea of being to be able to jump back into one of their most beloved franchises on the newest Nintendo!

WarioWare: Move It! Is due to be released on Nintendo Switch November 2023.

Upcoming Game – 1: RoboCop: Rogue City

Pre-purchase RoboCop: Rogue City on Steam
Image Source: Steam

RoboCop: Rogue City will see the prominent return of Petter Weller as the titular character, reprising his role from the films. Featuring an original storyline that is based on the RoboCop films, taking place in between the films RoboCop 2 and RoboCop 3.

Gameplay is of a traditional first-person shooter game set in Old Detroit with the player being the titular RoboCop. RoboCop’s police partner Anne Lewis also returning from the films, accompany the player throughout the game. Weapons can be picked up from enemies, but the players main weapon will be the RoboCop’s iconic Auto 9 gun, which has unlimited ammo. It will release on Windows, PlayStation, and Xbox Series X/S on 2nd November 2023.

ROBOCOP ROGUE CITY Gameplay Trailer 4K (2023) - YouTube
Image Source: YouTube (Punish)

You can preorder RoboCop: Rogue City on Steam

Upcoming Games: November – Summary

November seems to be building up as a good month for game releases. It might not escape the massive shadow left behind by the filled to the brim October releases, it is sure to bring us some contenders for game of the year. Which upcoming games: November are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below!



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