Footgun: Underground – Game Review

Returning with another indie roguelike, our latest game review is covering Footgun: Underground. A roguelike platformer in which you combat enemies by kicking footballs at them. This provides an insanely fun but hectic experience. Here is our Footgun: Underground review….

Details of Footgun: Underground

Developer: Turtle Knight Games

Publisher: CobraTekku Games

Platform: PC, Windows (Steam), Steam Deck

Release Date: 30th April 2024

Price: £14.99

Gameplay of Footgun: Underground

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Following the traditional roguelike formula, Footgun sees players select a character and then venture into the underground to fight rooms of enemies and the occasional retro inspired boss. Utilizing their character’s abilities as well as any upgrades they find on the way. It is a simple gameplay loop but one that is more addictive than breathing. The chaotic gameplay that revolves around booting footballs at enemies reminds me of something from the flash game era. That’s not a bad thing either. It is simple and easy to learn yet extremely hard to master. You will find yourself struggling you to aim at enemies but that’s part of the fun! Just boot it as hard as you can and hope it bounces of a wall and hits them.

Analysis of Footgun: Underground

The Footballs

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The game offers players many options for footballs, each with their own different ability. At the start you have some basic ones that do limited things, and your starting character actually starts with the most basic of balls. One that acts just like a regular football. However, you can swap them out. Or pair them up, as players can equip up to four footballs depending on their character. The different types range from bullet ball (which fires a bullet when you kick it), a lava ball (which causes burn damage and can leave pools of lava), and much more can be unlocked via the upgrades gumball machine. Afterwards you’ll be able to find them on new runs.


Save 15% on Footgun: Underground on Steam
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Bosses are rewarding boss fights, posing a challenge yet easily beatable if you learn their attack patterns. The designs are brilliant and take a lot of inspiration from retro video games. Each differ in their design and attacks bring a fresh new fight/experience to the player.


Footgun: Underground, Roguelike with Soccer Elements - SDHQ
Image Source: Steam Deck HQ

In summary Footgun: Underground is a roaring roguelike with chaotic gameplay, fun combat, and a simple but addictive premise- boot footballs at your enemies! The game is quickly becoming one of the my all time favorite roguelikes behind the likes of Hades and Vampire Survivors. It’s a perfect blend of old style football flash games and the newly popular roguelike platformer subgenre. The impressive amount of customization, upgrades, and weapons (footballs) means each run can bring something entirely new to the player. Providing countless hours of amazing addicting gameplay for an impressively low cost. I highly recommend Footgun: Underground to any roguelike or football fan! Or just any gamer who wants to try something pretty daft, but that brings something truly unique to the table gameplay wise.

Platform Played On: Steam Deck

Recommendation: Yes!