Helldivers 2: Bringing the Fun Back to Online Shooters

Helldivers 2 launched in February for PlayStation 5 & PC and went on to take the gaming world by storm. The engaging gameplay and amount of customization made it grow a massive fanbase quickly. With the studio even struggling to have enough server space for the ever-growing player base, so they smartly upgraded the servers. That just shows how much Helldivers has swarmed the gaming community. It was a smart move by Sony releasing it on Windows (a non-competing platform) as all sales are only going to help the industry titan rather than hinder it. Although recent rumors suggest Microsoft might be leaving the console industry behind, let’s hope that doesn’t stop this fruitful partnership between Windows digital stores such as Steam. But before we go down that rabbit hole,  let’s turn our focus back to the blockbuster sci-fi shooter- Helldivers 2!

The Gameplay of Helldivers 2

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Improving on the debut installment, Helldivers 2 pivots away from a top down shooter and is a more traditional 3rd person shooter. This improved the gameplay significantly. Having played the first Helldivers when it was released on PS4 I wasn’t impressed with it. It just seemed like a bland top down shooter, something I did play but didn’t particularly enjoy as a genre until the massive roguelike boom. You play as a titular helldiver and drop down on a variety of different objective based missions in which you fight off alien bug like creatures.

Finding a Match

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Waiting for a game takes literally seconds most of the time. It’s as quick as the Flash with a sugar rush. If you’re hoping to go to the toilet whilst you’re waiting for a lobby you best be quick! Don’t worry the game actually requires you to ready up before dropping into an online game. Even ones in progress. Matchmaking can be done manually by selecting a certain mission and difficulty. Or via the quick play option. The community as a whole also seems to be much less toxic than COD or some other shooters, perhaps the cooperative nature of the game brings out the best in gamers.

The Setting of Helldivers 2

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The game takes place on various alien worlds in which you are fighting back the swarming aliens. With a real-time world map showing how much your fellow helldivers have pushed back the enemy, or if the enemy is overrunning you. Features and mechanics have been utilized like this in the past but honestly, at least to my knowledge, there hasn’t been any that are actually as enjoyable as this. Engaging, you, the player by having them actively be a part of an ongoing war of sorts, something that really adds to the player’s immersion. Many fans of the game have been drawing heavy comparisons between it and the iconic Starship Troopers franchise. Both franchises involve humans fighting against an alien bug like species.

Summary of Helldivers 2

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Remarkably fun gameplay, creative creature design, good gunplay, and various other things make Helldivers an incredibly fun online shooter. Probably the best I’ve played in a good while, I highly suggest wish listing it and picking it up as soon as you can! If you would like to see a more in depth review of Helldivers 2, be sure to look out for our review coming soon!

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