Tape to Tape (Early Access) – Game Review

Tape to Tape aims to bring the arcade sports genre back with it’s roguelike take on Hockey. Released recently into Early Access, TtT aims to bring a new take on hockey. With you and your selected superstar trying to take on every other team across three acts. Have you got what it takes to take on Tape to Tape?

Details of Tape to Tape

Tape to Tape is a hockey arcade game with a goofy party layer - Polygon
Image Source: Polygon

Developer: Excellent Rectangle

Publisher: Null Games

Platform: PC (Steam) Windows

Release Date: 3rd May 2023 (Early Access)

Price: £16.75

Story of Tape to Tape

Tape to Tape on Steam
Image Source: Steam

In Tape to Tape you start by selecting your superstar for the run ahead. Your goal to make your way through 3 acts, defeating every other team along the way. As if you lose a game you have to go back to match 1! Going all the way back to the starting point. Having to select a new superstar and try again. The one constant being Angus, who your upgrades personally affect.

Analysis of Tape to Tape

The Gameplay

Tape to Tape Demo Available Now on Steam - Operation Sports
Image Source: Operation Sports

Gameplay is really addictive, like your first hit of sugar! I couldn’t put it down for hours, just wanting to get to that next act! Then losing and having to start all over again. Already at launch of the Early Access, Tape to Tape already provides a good variety of Superstars and skills, creating an experience that stays fresh for longer. Enticing the player into returning to the game. I know I did! All upgrades can be bought from the Blademaster (someone in a Jason mask).


Tape to Tape - Official Early Access Release Date Trailer - IGN
Image Source: IGN

The biggest pro for TtT is the ease of the controls and how simple everything is designed. Progression is as clear as crystal, unlike some roguelikes. There is a good average of variety in Superstars, skills, and upgrades for an Early Access as well. There’s definitely a good foundation for the developers to continue to improve upon throughout the Early Access.


Tape to Tape on Steam
Image Source: Steam

Your players, and the CPU’s, run around like headless Duracell bunnies. They sometimes appear to be skating around on melted butter rather than ice, making you overshoot the ball, miss the tackle, and all sorts more! This does become a fun frustration as you learn to laugh with it, rather than scream with it like some “annoying” gameplay features present in other games.

Summary of Tape to Tape

Tape to Tape
Image Source: TapetoTapegame.com

Although breathing fresh air into a regular hockey game by implementing various roguelike elements, the gameplay isn’t groundbreaking. But that isn’t a bad thing. It’s easy to pick up. Manages to be both fun and frustrating like most sports games and can easily be picked up to have a quick game or two. Tape to Tape can be proud of it’s innovations and its core gameplay. I had endless amounts of fun trying to get further and further in my runs across the three acts. Finding the challenge fun rather than off putting like some games end up being. It’s difficult to get the levels of challenge and fun right, it is a hard thing to balance. However, Tape to Tape pulls this off tremendously and I can’t wait to see how it continues to improve throughout Early Access.

Overall Rating: 9 – Outstanding!

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