Best Dragon Age Games Ranked

Dragon Age is one of the best RPG series of all time. Set in a fantasy world that is so well created it’s easy to immerse yourself into it. As all BioWare games the companions are one of the biggest positives of the series. With many companions being seen in following games, having their story continue as they develop even further. BioWare have truly shown themselves to be one of the biggest forces in the RPG genre. Creating series such as Mass Effect, Knights of the Old Republic and Dragon Age. With Dragon Age: Dreadwolf in production lets’ look at the Dragon Age Games Ranked…

Dragon Age Games Ranked: Top 3

DA Game 3 – Dragon Age 2

Dragon Age 2 Was A Phenomenal Game Buried Beneath Repetition And A Rushed  Timeline - Game Informer
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DA2 is famously known by fans to have had a lot of publisher interference. EA reportedly forced BioWare to include certain aspects, push DLC, and rush production. Resulting in some cut or unfished content, similar to Knights of the Republic 2. The player character of DA2 is seen in Inquisition, giving fans of the game some small part of fan service for supporting their troubled final product.

DA Game 2 – Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age: Origins is free on Origin |
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Being the first RPG game I ever played; it really was a great one to start with! I was sucked into the mythos of the world (Thedas) immediately. Allowing me to pick my start in this world was shocking, I didn’t quite realise it even game me option. On my second playthrough I chose a different background and was amazed how the start of the game completely changed for me. DA Origins released in 2009 and quickly became so popular EA quickly saw the potential in the series and BioWare. This could have been what led to the publisher being so hands on with the sequel.

Dragon Age: Origins [Game Connect] : PC & Video Games
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Being recruited by the Grey Wardens was exciting. Going through the training with the two other recruits was really satisfying. I quickly grew fond of one whilst hating the other with a burning passion. The twist came when the magical and mystical force that has seemingly recruited you to save the world by fighting off the Darkspawn, suddenly, asking you to drink a volatile substance. One with a meniscal survival rate, all dependant on your DNA. Luckily, you’re the only one to survive.

Dragon Age Games Ranked: Top 1

DA Game 1 – Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dragon Age™ Inquisition on Steam
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Released in 2014, Inquisition, sees the player take control of an unknown prisoner who has a mysterious substance oozing from his hand. As it’s similar to the portals that are wreaking havoc on the town, you were imprisoned as a precaution. Luckily, you manage to talk your way out of your chains and swear to help the group. Officially, starting your quest as the Inquisitor. Your quest? Simple. You’re to gather up forces and forge alliances with multiple nations/factions.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Preview - Learn About The Pause-And-Play Tactical  Combat - Game Informer
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With a story so enthralling Inquisition is easily the best DA game of all time and one of the best RPG games. Bonuses come in the form of tons of dragons you can hunt, brilliant characters, compassionate companions, and beautifully designed locations. Can Dreadwolf top it? We will have to wait and see.


Dragon Age: Dreadwolf—everything we know | PC Gamer
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So there’s all the Dragon Age game ranked. Which is your favourite? Are you excited for Dreadwolf? Let us know in the comments!


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