Cult of the Lamb – Game Review

An adorably cute roguelike in which you are discarded by the Gods you held dear. Deciding to go out on your own and adopt your own followers. Formally starting the Cult of the Lamb. Let’s look at one of the best Indie games of 2022. Here is our Cult of the Lamb Game Review…

Details of Cult of the Lamb

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Developer: Massive Monster

Publisher: Devolver Digital  

Platform: PC (Steam) Windows, macOS, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5

Release Date: 11th August 2022

Price: £19.49

Age Rating: 16

Story of Cult of the Lamb

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Cult of the Lamb starts by having the titular character be killed by some of the other Gods. Bleeding out, a dark spirit calls out to the lamb. Giving him a new life along with incredible powers. With the quest to build up a cult of followers. Building different things in the village to access better weapons and abilities. Whilst you make your way through every deviously dark God that had a hand in your earthly death.

Analysis of Cult of the Lamb

Your Village

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Behind the roguelike gameplay loop Cult of the Lamb hides one of the most addictive parts of itself, the base building/management. As soon as you recruit your first followers you will be required to meet their needs. This involves building beds, sorting food, handing out tasks, and more! Unlocking more buildings as you make your way through the game’s bosses. Each time getting something that helps you progress in the dungeons, increases your villages efficiency, grants a new function/mechanic, or helps better manage your farm.


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In Cult of the Lamb  there are four different areas/dungeons that you must beat before taking on it’s boss. Once you have taken out the boss you move onto the next. The whole layout of it is very similar to something like Moonlighter. With the different dungeons accessible by different doors. The bosses include: Leshy: Bishop of Chaos, Heket: Bishop of Famine, and Kallamar: Bishop of Pestilence. With the big final boss being titled the ominous- The One Who Waits. Only to be revealed to be called Narinder. As once you defeat him, he retorts back to a normal looking follower. One you can let join your cult or kill. The choice is yours!

Summary of Cult of the Lamb

Cult of the Lamb: Cultist Edition
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There’s no wonder that Cult of the Lamb received three nominations at the 19th British Academy Games Awards, including a nomination for Best Game. The delightfully cutesy lamb exploded onto all of our platforms. Adopting more and more animal followers we all saw our villages expand and grow in population. The game just suffers from replay ability. Once you have defeated all the bosses the only thing left is to repeat the dungeons. Recent updates have added more content and the developers do seem dedicated in making sure Cult of the Lamb isn’t done just yet! Two separate post-release content updates have been released so far. Relics of the Old Faith released on 24th April 2023 and the second, Sins of the Flesh, released on 16th January 2024.

Overall Rating – 9.5 – Classic!

Platform Played On: Steam Deck

Game Time At Review: 21.3 Hours

Recommendation: Yes!

You can buy Cult of the Lamb on Steam.


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