DC Superheroes That NEED Their Own Video Games

Superhero games are on a rise again at the moment. Due to the monumental successes of both the Batman Arkham series and the Insomniac Spider-Man games. With Insomniac being handed the reigns to any Marvel character after the blockbuster success of Marvel’s Spider-Man, and they chose Wolverine. Blade and Wonder Woman have also got games in development. Wonder Woman in particular makes a nice change, as most DC video games are solely Batman games. It would be nice to see some other DC superheroes be given the video game spotlight. With that said here are some DC superheroes that need their own video games!

DC Superheroes That NEED Their Own Games: Top 6

6 – Black Lighting

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Rising in popularity recently due to the CW show which ran for 4 seasons between and . Black Lighting even appeared in the ArrowVerse crossover events such as: . His electrical powers are extremely versatile. They could be turned into various moves for the player character, gaining more complex electrical attacks as you progress. Notable villains of Black Lighting include, most prominently, the physically imposing Tobias Whale. As well as the resurrecting Latavious Johnson, Coldsnap, Doctor Polaris, Painkiller, Syonide, Heatstroke, and more.

We could even possibly see a Blue Devil cameo. Black Lighting’s crimefighting partner in the Black Lighting and Blue Devil run of comics. Other allies include Thunder and Lighting, Black Lighting’s daughters. If more were made, we could see Thunder/ Lighting develop into a full fletched superheroes just like their father.

DC Superheroes That NEED Their Own Games: Top 5

5 – Blue Beetle

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Blue Beetle has recently spun off into the movie medium with their debut film starring Cobra Kai star Xolo Mariduena. The character inhabits the ability to manifest a suit of blue armor which can transform and create weapons at will. All of this comes from a little blue scarab that sits on Beetle’s back. Originitating from space the scarab found Jaime Reyes one day and bonded with him. Having him become the Blue Beetle. As he has such a versatile superpower, he would make a perfect video game protagonist. The scarab offers a lot of creative attacks, abilities, and powers which can greatly benefit the playing experience, making it a much more diverse game from some of the others in the genre.

Even the Batman Arkham games’ combat can get a bit tedious after four games and countless replays. Beetle offers the creative freedom to truly make a very diverse weapon/ability set ensuring players can spend hours making their own combos. As well as pivoting between playstyles to ensure gameplay remains as fun as it can be. Blue Beetle’s villains include: The Red Robe, Death, The Sphinx, Dr. Thunderbolt, Enigma, Hybrid, Black Beetle, and more.

4 – Superman

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The Man of Steel, unlike others on this list, has actually had his own video games before. However, they have been universally terrible, such was the Nintendo 64 Superman game- Superman 64. Unfortunately, Rocksteady wasn’t allowed to work on a game involving the hero. An utter shame as we have seen what they did for Batman with the Arkham franchise. For now, we are left wondering what could have been, or maybe, just maybe Warner Bros. will see their mistake. Finally, and give Rocksteady free reign with any DC property. Allowing them to finally create the superman game they have wanted to for ages. In the process giving us the fans a serviceable game outing for the world’s most popular superhero.

His power set and abilities are iconic and would provide a great range of attacks and abilities. As his cold breath, heat vision, superstrength and speed would provide plenty of creative ways to tackle the threats. As for villains, Superman has an impressive rogues gallery. Some notable ones are General Zod, Brainiac, Metallo, Bizarro, Maxwell Lord, Lex Luthor, and more! Personally, I would love to see him take on either Doomsday or Darkseid.

DC Superheroes That NEED Their Own Games: Top 3

3 – Justice League Dark

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Justice League Dark is the Justice League team responsible for dealing with the supernatural. Featuring members such as Constantine, Etrigan the Demon, Zatana, Frankenstein, Pandora, my personal favourite Swamp Thing, and more! The team delves into the mystical more so than any other DC super team. This is something that hasn’t been explored much in the games. Making a great change in the usual tone of the DC games. Allowing them to stray away from the gritty streets of Gotham in favor for a world filled with magic. The teams villains include Felix Faust, Blight, Darkseid, Klarion, Doctor Destiny, Circe, and more!

2 – Green Arrow

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Green Arrow was lucky enough to be given main spotlight in the CW’s ArrowVerse, yet unfortunately hasn’t seen his popularity expand into the gaming industry. The most we have had is Green Arrow being included in the Lego and Injustice games. As well as a ArrowVerse character pack for Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham. As the series showcased, Green Arrow also has an impressive array of background characters. Such as Felicity Smoak, John Diggle, Black Canary, and Arsenal/Speedy. Plus, who doesn’t like using a bow in games? Or did the new Tomb Raider trilogy and Horizon Zero Dawn just affect me? Anyways, id love a superhero bow and arrow game. His villains include the terrifying Onomatopoeia, Komodo, Cupid, The Clock King, Deathstroke, Damian Dark, and Merlyn.  

DC Superheroes That NEED Their Own Games: Top 1

1 – Teen Titans

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Teen Titans the animated show was one of the best superhero shows I watched as a kid. I fell in love with the family dynamic between Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven, and Beast Boy. When it was announced they would be getting a live action show I screamed in excitement. It only makes sense they get a big AAA game like Batman and the Suicide Squad. They have the popularity to warrant a game. Plus the team’s family dynamic would be a lot more captivating than what we got in Gotham Knights. Probably a lot more comical and heartwarming too.

The teams massive roster includes some of the best young DC heroes, in my opinion. Developers would have the choice to have the original team, one of the various interpretations over the years, the team from the show, or doing a mix of all. I for one just hope Beast Boy, Starfire, and Raven are in the game. Their powers and abilities would be the most entertaining to use. Just think of the creative ways to put Beast Boys shapeshifting to use. I’d love to see some of his iconic animals from the TV show return.

As for Robin’s you would have your pick of the lot. As every Robin from Dick Grayson (1st) to Damian Wayne (4th) has been a member of the Titans at some point. Other notable members include Aqualad, Kid Flash, Donna Troy, Power Girl, Speedy, Miss Martian and more. Notable villains include the iconic Deathstroke,  Raven’s devil dad Trigon, Doctor Light, Brotherhood of Evil, Madam Rogue, Adonis, Red X, Terra, and more. I for one really want a Titans game with Deathstroke as the overarching villain. Sending other mercenaries after the Titans to try and take them out, before ultimately settling for doing it himself.

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So, there was 6 DC superheroes I think deserve their own video games, what do you think of our selection? IS there any superheroes we have left off that you would love to see get the video game treatment? Let us know down below in the comments!

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