Disney Speedstorm – Game Review (Free to Play)

Trying to cash in on the ever growing popularity of kart racing games, similar to Mario Kart, Disney have made their own version. Unlike Nintendo it is swamped with pay to win items, characters, and more. You can technically unlock everything without paying, it might just take you a year to do so. But before we totally condemn Disney Speedstorm, let’s take a deeper look at it…

Details of Disney Speedstorm

Disney Speedstorm / Characters - TV Tropes
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Developer: Gameloft  

Publisher: Gameloft  

Platform: PC, Windows, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, Mobile, Google Play, Apple, iOs

Release Date: 18th April 2023

Price: Free to Play

Story of Disney Speedstorm

How To Unlock Characters In Disney Speedstorm
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The goal of Disney Speedstorm is to complete all the races, gaining medals along the way. It’s as simple as that. Player’s start with both Mickey Mouse and get to select a character. The options are limited though. I went with Heracles personally.

Analysis of Disney Speedstorm

Microtransaction Hell!

Disney Speedstorm: How to unlock characters
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As mentioned in the introduction, the game is plagued with microtransactions. Visible in the main menu, and misleading enough to have a forced text display read “bought with real money.” Its honestly sickening thinking about how many children spend so much money on microtransactions. All this money and you’re not even guaranteed anything. It’s all random boxes that have limited chance of actually getting anything good.

It’s strange how microtransactions as a whole avoid getting flagged as gambling. Pokémon, as an example, had to remove every game corner because of gambling, in order to keep a child friendly rating. So why are microtransactions still classed as not gambling when it’s with real money? There should really be a law in enforcing games with luck based microtransactions to be strapped with a higher age rating.

Back to Disney Speedstorm if the game wasn’t so bad the microtransactions would only be one poor factor. But….

Lazy Designs

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Gameloft seem to have given up in the creative department. All the vehicles look like something you would find in Asphalt and have barely any inspiration from their respective riders. They had a great opportunity to maybe put Heracles in a chariot, Mike and Sully in a door, etc. etc. But instead they put everyone in high end sports/racer car and it makes the experience feel like some fan game or mod, rather than an official product. The tracks do show brief areas of actual creativity, but there small size also limits how much of an impact they have. Plus with ordinary looking race cars racing round, it still looks like a fangame or mode.


Disney Speedstorm release date, characters, pre-order and latest news |  Radio Times
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The game actually plays reasonably well. At least handling wise. The cars are fun to control, gain speed relatively fast, and are easy to drift. Maps do seem a tad smaller than ones found in Mario Kart, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I found myself liking the shorter maps, allowing myself to get through more races. The roaster is also quite impressive having over 25 characters. Featuring favorites from Monsters Inc, Mickey Mouse and friends, and more!


Disney Speedstorm Launches Season Three With Tons Of Content
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To conclude, there are so many kart games out there that are way more innovative than Disney Speedstorm. Again unfortunately, the most creative thing about the game is the name. Uninspired kart designs just makes the game feel like a fangame or mod. Gameloft and Disney both clearly chased a paycheck here. Just buy CTR, Mario Kart, or any other kart game. Hell, Nickelodeon’s kart racer is a LOT better! And it doesn’t rinse you of all your cash. Go buy that instead. That one has Ninja Turtles!

Overall Rating: 4 – Disappointing!

Platform Played On: Steam Deck

Recommendation: NO!

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