Everything We Know About the Wonder Woman Game

A Wonder Woman project helmed by Monolith studios, the ones behind the Mordor series, was announced at the 2017 game awards. In a mostly audio trailer fans were teased what was to come. That was nearly 7 years ago, and we haven’t’ had much news since. Perhaps Suicide Squad and Gotham Knights were further along the pipeline, despite not being announced first. Either way it seems the world is having to wait for the Goddesses’ game outing.

The Story of the Wonder Woman Game

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In the audio trailer Diana is told to come home. As her home of Themyscira faces a new threat, what threat exactly we don’t know but it has been confirmed that this is an entirely new story. Not taking any stories from the comics but instead taking a page out of Marvel’s Spider-Man’s book and developing an entirely new enthralling story. Something that will be sure to make the game stand out. Just like the Marvel’s Spider-Man and Batman: Arkham series.

Will it be Successful?

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The only other game we have seen recently take on its own story and be somewhat successful was Guardians of the Galaxy. GotG, despite being an amazing, action packed game with an engaging story and dynamic cast, actually performed poorly. Putting a sequel in mirky waters. That being said, will a Wonder Woman standalone game be successful? She does have an impressive array of rogues and the game can of course feature villains from other supes. This doesn’t guarantee success as the two most recent DC games have failed to reach their targets.

Both Gotham Knights & Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League have had mixed receptions. Both ram-packed with iconic characters as villains yet both bombed. With Knights even having rumors surrounding support getting cut short as it was such a failure for DC/Warner Bros.

Utilizing the Nemesis System

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Back when they were still developing the Middle Earth series, Monolith created an iconic new gameplay feature. The nemesis system. A system in which enemies, even grunts, would develop personal stories of vengeance, revenge, and loyalty through out your game time. With grunts coming back from the dead and ambushing you being a real threat in both games. A sequel Shadow of War stepped it up even further and developed the nemesis system into something ever greater. The complexities of the system even back when that released, was mind blowing. It would be a real treat to see what current gen consoles are capable of and see just how much they can push the nemesis system even further. Unfortunately, we have to wait for Monolith to create more games utilizing it as Warner Bros. trademarked the mechanic, stopping all other companies from using something like it.

The superhero genre as a whole lends itself to the mechanic brilliantly. With most supervillains actually having their origin and motivation embedded with the super they fight with. It would be a great way to have people create their own supervillains or even have mantles passed down to other grunts whilst the original is incarcerated or something.

And That’s It

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Apart from the fact it will be developed by Monolith and will utilize a nemesis system, featuring a story where Wonder Woman is called back home to defeat a mysterious threat. Warner Bros. has kept their lips sealed.

Summary of Wonder Woman Game

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Hopefully, 2024 will be the year that we finally get some more information on the game. With Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League currently leaving a sour taste in gamer’s mouths it would be nice to have a sweet desert to look forward to! What would you like to see in a Wonder Woman game? Let us know in the comments below.