Bang Average Football – Game Review

Recently released, Bang Average Football, is an RPG arcade football game. In which the player assumes the player-manager role of a non-league club. It’s their goal to recruit new staff, expand the stadium, and bring in new talent. All in the quest to take them to the top! Here is our review on Bang Average Football

Details of Bang Average Football

Bang Average Football, my solo-developed football/soccer RPG, is out on  Steam May 10th!
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Developer: Ruairi Dx

Publisher: Banana Life

Platform: PC, Windows, Steam, Steam Deck,

Release Date: 10th May 2024

Price: £9.99

Story of Bang Average Football

Practising some free kicks in Bang Average Football (unsuccessfully).
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Bang Average Football sees players transfer to a non-league club. Upon arriving via train, the player is informed that they are, effective immediately, the player-manager. As no one else wanted the job and since you wasn’t actually there yet, you couldn’t refuse. It is your job to secure promotion back to the top leagues and bring the club to the top.

To do this you will have to recruit not only players but staff as well. Whilst making sure you upgrade your stadium to increase your match day revenue. Do you think you have what it takes to create a club and take them to the top?

Analysis of Bang Average Football


bang average football - ruairi dx
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Firstly, Bang Average Football provides two games modes. The traditional exhibition mode, where players can just play quick matches of football. Secondly, there is story mode. In which players take on the role of player-manager for a team in the minnows league. Here the gameplay takes two forms. Playing matches for the league and doing managerial tasks in a pixel overworld that looks akin to Stardew Valley. Players can explore around the numerous locations and find people offering football challenges. For each challenge you can beat you are rewarded with skill points that you can use to upgrade your skills. Such as shooting, passing, tackling etc.

The matches are short in length and offer an unrivaled chaotic fury that is really fun to play. It does require some getting used to before your able to efficiently pass or take on players. But once you get used to the controls you really start flying. Bringing in new talent also helps a lot. Which is something players can do after their initial season.


Bang Average Football by ruairidx
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As you take on the role of player-manager you are in charge of the clubs players, tactics, and infostructure. For the low price point of the game there is a good number of managerial tasks for the player to do. However, with so much promise it would be nice to see the developers update the game and flesh out the managerial side of the game a bit more. As mostly you expand the stadium, select tactics and line up, do transfers, and go on annoying errands all over the place. Usually, to get the help of someone or to recruit a member of staff.

Summary of Bang Average Football

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Bang Average Football brings players back to the arcade style of sports games, donned in the same pixel aesthetic them games were. The pixel style suits the game perfectly. Frantic action during matches results in mayhem. It does take a while to get used to the controls, mainly how fast your players zip around the screen. Particularly getting used to the small movements you need to make to tackle or take on the opposition. As well as perfecting the amount of power to put on shots, passes, and crosses.

But once you do get used to the controls and the high pace of matches you’ll be knocking out screamers one after another. As player-manager you have unrivalled freedom in naming your club, selecting the colors and kits, as well as bringing in any players you want. You even get to expand the stadium to your liking. So, what are you waiting for? Bang Average Football is a must play for any football fan!

Platform Played On: Steam Deck

Recommendation: Yes!