Endgame of Devil – Game Review

Endgame of Devil like Luck be a Landlord is as unique as you can get, having its own genre that blends the mechanics of a slot machine with a traditional roguelike. This is a game where you will be confused at first but quickly but fall in love with. Genuine ingenuity and a rare gameplay style has Endgame of Devil stand out by a mile for a measly low price. This game is one of 2023’s top bargains. But without further ado let’s get into our full review…

Developer: MiniWhale

Publisher: Anotherindie

Platform: Windows (Steam),

Release Date: 9th April 2023

Age Rating:

Story of Endgame of Devil

Endgame of Devil on Steam
Image Source: Steam

As a roguelike EoD doesn’t really have a story but rather features a core gameplay loop, this one being a run in a slot machine. In which you slowly add more and more minions utilizing their synergies and abilities to deal the most amount of damage possible to the pesky adventurers. The game consists of 20 levels in which the difficulty scales as the invading adventures gain better buffs. In each level you will face multiple waves of adventurers before finally taking on the levels boss. You fail if the adventures manage to take your diamonds.

Analysis of Endgame of Devil

Endgame of Devil on Steam
Image Source: Steam

Firstly, the pixel art style is adorably gothic, think of a cuter Castlevania. The minion and adventurer design is really well done, each design has volumes of character. Some of my favourite designs were the dragons. Minions are very varied and contain gothic stables such as: skeletons, werewolves, goblins, dragons, and more!

Endgame of Devil on Steam
Image Source: Steam

The abilities of the minions are easy to learn. I found myself getter a better and broader knowledge of potential strategies and synergies much quicker than in Luck be a Landlord. This game is the perfect slot machine game for people to get into the genre. Difficulty on a whole seems to be a bit easy for some players but the Endless mode provides an increasingly harder challenge as your progress through wave after wave.

The quick and easy games allow for someone to pick it up and play from anywhere. I found myself pulling out my Steam Deck on breaks from my trainee Sushi Chef job, on the bus, waiting for my partner’s train to come in, anywhere and everywhere I can I have pulled it out and had a quick go. Endgame of Devil is a perfect example of a game that’s even better on the Steam Deck!

Endgame of Devil on Steam
Image Source: Steam

Ring Forge

Image Source: SteamDB

Permanent upgrades exist as rings, which grant you specific abilities for that level and unlock by collecting green shards at the end of runs. These can be found in the Forge (at the main menu). In total there is 12 rings that can be unlocked that grant abilities like: “1 more option will be provided when recruit.”, “Legendary Treasure can be refreshed.”, “Gain 4 Refresh in this level.”, and more. These can help tremendously and being allowed to take up to three rings allows a layer of strategy to be exercised by the player.

Summary of Endgame of Devil

Endgame of Devil - Endless Invasion》is now Live! · Endgame of Devil update  for 20 July 2023 · SteamDB
Image Source: SteamDB

In summary Endgame of Devil is my favourite slot machine roguelike beating out Luck be a Landlord! Its cute minion designs are memorable and the vast variety of them allow for many different synergies to be played. Allowing the player to try something new every run, finding out what works and what doesn’t. Its like chess when a move that actually does work brings you a great sense of reward and accomplishment. You will find yourself trying to outdo how much damage the slime from your last run could deal out. There’s a reason Endgame of Devil boasts a very positive 87% review score on Steam. So go try it out; you won’t regret it!  

Overall Rating: 9 – Outstanding!

Platform Played On: Steam Deck

Game Time At Review: 7Hours

Recommendation: Yes

You can purchase Endgame of Devil on Steam



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