Hexguardian – Game Review

The latest offering from the Yogscast Publisher is Hexguardian. An indie survival, roguelike, tower defense game, in which you expand your island whilst building numerous defense to protect you from the never-ending waves of enemies. Ultimately, being given the freedom to create your own maps. With levels taking forms of environments rather than a set level design. Travelling to these varying environments players must defend their castle at all costs. With that said let’s take a deeper look at Hexguardian. 

Hexguardian Details

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Developer: Split Second Games

Publisher: Yogscast Games

Platform: PC, Windows, Steam

Release Date: 2nd May 2024

Price: £9.99

Gameplay of Hexguardian

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Gameplay is addictive. Being able to customize the maps to your liking, by adding land tiles to the map, allows unleveled customization. Allowing players to plan advanced tactics in levels and giving them the freedom to play how they want. It does require some foresight however as if you just add them willy nilly you might end up creating more and more enemy spawn points and your towers will become to spread out and overall ineffective. Players then have to balance the urge to expand with their tactical know how and think is this the best move? You are limited to how much you can expand by how many materials you have. These are collected by defeating enemies.

As for levels and game modes. Players start with one location before unlocking more which unlock different environments and even a roguelike mode.

Analysis of Hexguardian

Easy to Pick Up

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The overall gameplay loop and learning curve is surprisingly simple. Hexguardian as a whole is extremely easy to pick up, for both newer and experienced gamers. Delightfully simple goals mean you don’t have to spend time learning like other games. Just select a map and start placing down towers. Before you know it you’ll be taking down wave upon wave of foes and expanding the map how you wish with land tiles.  

Upgrades and Unlocks

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The game has an impressive amount of unlockable upgrades, new units, and buffs. All can be purchased with gold and range in price. This made sure the game always felt fresh as most often you could unlock a new upgrade/unit/building each time you finished a run. Trying out newly unlocked units always gave you a purpose when starting a new run. A new goal, something to try and see if you liked how it worked. That’s another thing, with the impressive number of upgrades, players have unrivaled customization in their gameplay experience. Picking and choosing which defenses best suit their playstyle and the enemies that they will face in that run. Buffs are much needed as well as they provide base benefits that greatly aid the player.


Hexguardian - Kotaku
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Hexguardian provides players with a delightfully simple but addictive gameplay loop. Which itself provides unrivalled customization. Allowing players to actually build the maps/levels they play, by building onto it with land tiles. The massive talent screen has many upgrades, buffs, new buildings and units that players can unlock with rewards earned in runs. Don’t be fooled into thinking just because it’s simple its easy either! As Hexguardian provides players with a good challenge allowing them to actually learn and adapt as they grow better at the game. Rather than just allowing them to blitz through it without much thought or planning. For these reasons and more Hexguardian is an amazing strategy game that I would recommend for any gamer!

Platform Played On: Steam Deck

Recommendation: Yes!