Palworld (Early Access) – Game Review

Palworld took over the internet by storm with just a couple of trailers and sneak peaks. The premise of Pokémon with guns was more than enticing enough to make it pick up a lot of traction. Come January 2024 and the game released over 2 million people were playing it at once on Steam. Having the highest player count for any Steam game in 2024. Perhaps the highest player count for any game on any platform for 2024. But is the game JUST Pokémon with guns? Today let’s take a deeper look at Palworld…..

Palworld Details

Palworld review: "Seems completely oblivious to how odd it is" | GamesRadar+
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Developer: Pocketpair

Publisher: Pocketpair

Platform: PC, Windows, Steam Deck, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X

Release Date: 19th January 2024

Price: £24.99

Story of Palworld

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The story of Palworld is pretty much nonexistent. For the most part the only story is the world you find yourself in and the pals that inhabit it. The story is whatever you want it to be. Conquer the islands, capture every pal, take on every boss, and settlement, the end game is whatever you want it to be.

It could however do with a bit more direction and some more end game stuff. As apart from the boss battles there’s not much of a challenge. Instead, players will be entertained with Palworld for as long as they can keep themselves entertained. The game simply just gives everything the player would need for a great experience but ultimately leaves it to the player to make it one.

Analysis of Palworld


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Blending the survival and crafting mechanics of Ark: Survival Evolved and the core creature collector gameplay from Pokémon, Palworld offers a similar yet brilliant experience. With the biggest draw being that your pals can help you farm, craft, hunt, and more! Meaning all those usually meaningless monsters have an actual use. Aside from the usual Ark gameplay, the game offers boss battles and random encounters with NPCs that will attack you.


Palworld: Is It Fair to Call It a Pokémon Rip-Off?
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Although some pals are unique creative designs made by passionate artists, some are blatant rip offs. Which only seem to discredit what Palworld is doing. It can easily stand on its own merit. Each pal however is useful in its own way. Be it as part of your team or back at base. The game offers craftable saddles for the pals as well. Which allow you to fly them, ride them, and even use their special abilities. Some pals will even follow you without having to be sent out. Providing much needed support for the boss fights.

Summary of Palworld

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Palworld in its current state is a fun to play, open world, creature collector. That adds an impressive amount of gameplay mechanics around your actual creatures. Having them build for you, farm, craft, and more. It means creatures that would usually get boxed or discarded in other games actually have a creative use. However, the game stills needs fleshing out. A lot of the map is empty and there is only a handful of raid battles, that act as the games bosses/gym leaders. It is clear though that Palworld has unrivaled potential and is surely one to keep an eye on.

Recommendation: YES!

Platform Played On: Steam Deck