PokéRogue – Game Review

Pokémon fans have been creating their own rom-hacks for years, with them gaining even more popularity recently. It seems more rom hacks are being made than ever before. This has brought countless free games that you could sink hundreds of hours into. From Pokémon Emerald Rogues, Emerald Eights, Pokémon Team Rocket, all the Pokémon Fusion games, and more! With the latest Pokémon fan game not even being a rom hack at all. Taking heavy inspiration form Emerald Rogues, PokéRogue is actually a browser game that takes all nine generations and puts into a roguelike game. The game has been blowing up in popularity the Pokémon world over the last month, so let’s finally take a look at PokéRogue….

Analysis of PokéRogue

The Gameplay

Pokemon Roguelike PokeRogue Is The Communty's Latest Obsession
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PokéRogue is a straightforward blend of the traditional Pokémon gameplay with roguelike mechanics and runs that reset. Starting out at the main menu, you will see two game modes. Daily Run and New Game/ Continue. The normal mode is the game’s basic gameplay loop, with players trying to get defeat every Pokémon, trainer, and boss on their way through 200 waves.

Daily Runs

Pokerogue - Pokemon Roguelike Game
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Daily Runs are the second game mode of PokéRogue, having players start with randomly selected Pokémon. Which usually start around level 20, meaning they are much stronger than your usual starters. Giving players at least at little but of help as they traverse 50 waves in order to complete the Daily Run. The game prominently displays a Daily Run leaderboard on the main menu, showcasing all the best runs to whole player base. Adding another layer of accomplishment to not only defeating the Daily Run but also getting a good score!

Starting Pokémon  

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Straight from the gate, players will have access to every starter available from generation 1-9. Allowing players to start the game at a familiar place, with Pokémon they’re probably most clued up on. This helps in building strategies which do more often than not need to be utilized to complete the staggering amount of 200 waves. More can be unlocked simply by just catching the Pokémon when you encounter them in runs, you don’t even need to add them to your party in game for them to show up in your available roster later.

There is one limitation with choosing your starting Pokémon for runs. You may select 6 to fill up your party straight away but they can’t cost more than 10 points. As each Pokémon has a points value attributed to it. Weedle and Caterpie for instance are 1, yet all starters are 3. Adding yet another level of strategy to this brilliantly smart game.

Summary of PokéRogue

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PokéRogue took the best parts of fan made Rom-hack Emerald Rogues and added not only quality and depth to the brilliant idea, but the creators own creative ideas. With the end product being one of the best gaming experiences of 2024 and all for the lowly cost of NOTHING! Available online in a web browser or on mobile through and APK, Poke Rogue is not only amazing but accessible to nearly everyone. If you love Pokémon you have to try out Poke Rogue! Just be ready to not do much of anything else that day, or the next one!

Recommendation: YES!  

Play PokéRogue here!